love week: sunshine


I am absolutely loving the weather here right now:

Park days in the sun with friends.
Skirts and sandals,
cardigans and air dried hair.

The white blossom tree outside my window is in full bloom;
filtered sunlight drifts through my windows and makes those little dust particles dance and whirl around;
my little apartment is light and lovely and serene.

Spring is making quite the appearance, and I'm hoping she decides to stay forever.
Because spring means sun and babies. Spring means MY baby.

And I don't think that the sunshine could make my little heart any happier than it is right now. 

One of the many reasons I have come to love you, California. 


  1. We are on a plane now to see the sun!! And you and baby...maybe Dale too.. O I wish!! That looks so serene and I would just lay out and take up the rays!! Super jealous!

  2. So JEALOUS! That looks so nice! I hope spring actually shows up here in Utah. California definitely has its perks! :) You made my day posting those pics of the trees!

  3. I feel so much better when the sun is shining! Great pictures.



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