love week: san francisco


I never knew what I was missing before I moved to a place near a major city.

I always wanted to go to New York to see all of the funny people, smell the streets and ride in a taxi. I wanted to look up and see tall buildings or little shops with pretty decorated windows.

Instead, my husband moved me to a place 30 minutes outside the big city of San Francisco. I know it's probably not like New York, but I have sure come to love it.

I love walking around the city and watching the people, browsing the street vendors, listening to live music on garbage cans and getting scared by the Bushman.

 I love going to the Ferry building and trying all of the little samples of exotic cheese, kale chips, or gelato and going during the farmer's market and eating tiny little grapes and pieces of the best fruit you'll ever eat. I love hearing the sea lions bark at each other and smelling the salty air while another Alcatraz tour blows its horn.

I love the busy bustle of the streets and seeing the business people jabber away on their smart phones. 

I love that there are so many places to go and so many different people to meet on the way. So many different religions, accents, ethnicities, races and sexual orientations (oh yes, famous for that one). 

I am in love with the beautiful architecture and the old Victorian homes dotted around the different districts. I love seeing the beautiful art. Sure it's weird and modern sometimes, but I love the culture it brings to the city.

I love the night clubs and the restaurants and hotels. I love the variety of food. I love that they make my favorite cookies in that city and have some of the best food places I have ever experienced.

 I love the styles of the people that live there. I love that I can dress however I want when I go there. I love that I can go to the same places and never get bored because it is constantly changing.

I love that I can leave the hustle of the city with all of its terrible traffic and rude people, drive 30 minutes, and be back home to a city that isn't as busy, a little more ghetto, but still has it's beautiful parts.

I have so much to discover about San Fran still, and I can't wait to keep exploring.
This city never sleeps and I love that I get to experience it whenever I want.
You (yes you!) should come visit!


  1. I would freakin love to come visit! :)
    Great pictures girl.

  2. I want to go to San Fran sooo bad!! It looks like so much fun and has a ton of history! When I go (I hope one day) I am coming to visit!! :)

  3. I get a little jealous that you get to go to all of those cool places. Maybe one day I can make it out there to visit and we can take our babies to the beach:)



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