love week: nursery


I have loved putting the nursery together.
I love the colors and the rug.
I love the mobile that I stitched together.
I love the little details.
I love my big comfy chair.
And I love the crib and the little body that will be occupying it in 6 weeks or less.

It's obvious that it's been put together on an extremely tight budget and it looks a little ragged and homely, but I have been really proud of what I have done with what I had to work with.

I still have a few details and pieces of art to put up, but it's mostly finished.
It is officially my favorite room in the house.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I will be wrapping up love week with an overly mushy post about my most favorite love of all. 

Hope you all have something fun planned! We sure don't.


  1. Love it! Love the colors! Can't wait for the little body to make it even cuter:)

  2. This turned out super cute! I need to come see it in real life, pronto!

  3. I love what you did. I think it's calm and serene. Perfect for a little girl.

  4. I was wondering when you were going to post some more pictures of her room. Love all the little details. :)

  5. It is so cute! I love everything about it.

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE! You did such a great job! It doesn't look like you did it on a budget! I am so excited you got it done! :) Only a few more weeks! Yay!

  7. You're nursery is so adorable! I love it all!

  8. You are amazing!! I seriously love LOVE everything!! I will have you stitch me that exact mobile if I ever have a girl, becasue I want to copy this same nursery... I hope that is ok!!
    xo pretty girl!!
    ps one of my Babes came 3 weeks early... Can you imagine if that little crib is occupied in 3 weeks? eeeekk So excited for you!!



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