love week: iphone


To tell you honestly, the iPhone has changed my life. 

I am in love with it.  

A couple of my favorite things about the iPhone:

I love the picture apps, Instagram being my favoritest of all.
(do you have Instagram? We should be friends. my username is elysebeard.)

I have a friend who is doing Love Week as well (actually, it's kind of like her brain child), and she did an "I love Instagram" day. I have to say, I was totally going to an Instagram day too, and since I always copy her outright, I decided to copy her in a round about way this time.

I love being able to look at my friends' pictures and see what they're up to. It's so much better than Facebook, and because it's a photo app, when you post pictures of yourself, it seems 10 times less narcissistic.

The thing about Instagram is that you can comment your brains out on other people's pictures, and you won't get really annoying notifications saying that someone else commented too.

I have been doing this really lame #febphotoaday through Instagram, and I love it. Usually I hate doing things like this, but I've realized that I like having a photo challenge and trying to be creative with my pictures. It really makes me look for new things throughout my day.

Here are a few of my photo a day pictures so far:

my view today.





front door.

self portrait.

10 am.

makes me happy.

Instagram is fun. I love seeing other people's pictures. I love the filters. I love that my iPhone makes me look like a legit person who can take a cool photo. I just plain love it.

Speaking of pictures, I love my iPhone primarily because of the camera. I always have my phone with me, and so I can always snap pictures of little moments in our tiny life that I wouldn't have been able to capture with my regular point and shoot. You can take pictures secretly and unawkwardly, and I love that most of all.

I love review apps like Yelp and Flixster.
I love having a quick little GPS on my phone.
I love playing word games on my phone.
I love having Pinterest and Facebook and Email on my phone.
I love being able to blog from my phone.
I love paying bills from my phone.
I love Soundhound and Twitter.
I love my bloglovin' app.

Mostly, I just love it all.

Maybe it would be dramatic to say that I would have a hard time living without my iPhone, but I'm coming to realize and accept my dependence.

It's a necessity. The rose-colored glasses are on. I am in love.


    Love your pictures :)

  2. I don't know what I did before I got my iPhone... I am so in love with it too!! And I didn't do the Feb photo instagram challange because I am lazy so maybe I will pick back up in March!!

  3. Great creativity with the photoaday challenge. I love that Dale bought a stethoscope.



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