love week: fetus


I'm haven't been in a very Valentine's-y mood lately, so in an effort to get in the spirit of frilly hearts and sappy love notes, I will be posting something I love every day until V-day.

I am especially loving this tiny fetus inside of my huge-o-matic belly.

She's the size of a pineapple these days.

One night, Dale and I were just chillin' on our bed, trying to figure out what those rhythmic little kicks were in my stomach. It felt like a very slow heart beat. I thought that maybe she could be practicing some karate, but these days, when baby moves, my whole stomach changes shape. She doesn't really kick anymore, she rolls and jabs. So...kicks were a no. Slow heartbeat was a no.

We went to bed perplexed. I had been feeling these little movements for quite a while, but I hadn't given them much thought.

That morning as Dale left for work, I had an epiphany. HICCUPS!

I was totally feeling little baby hiccups! How had this never crossed my mind before? I have no idea how I became such an idiot. 

So I whipped out my trusty Iphone and Googled my question (it has yet to fail my pregnancy questions), and yes indeed, baby hiccups they are!

I giggled like a little Beiber fan and waited for the next ones to hit.
I was surprised at how many times they actually happen in a day. Sometimes she gets those cute little baby hiccups four times. It's kind of adorable.

So, needless to say, I am totally and completely in love with this small human taking over my body.
I have loved pregnancy (mostly). She owes me for the stretch marks, but I'm hoping she'll be worth it.

We might keep her. Unless she is a ginger.

More love comin' atchya all week long! I know you can hardly wait!


  1. I loved when the babes had hiccups! Such a fun feeling. Can't wait to meet the girl.

  2. I loved the hiccups as well. Addie had them a lot after she came out too. It's pretty cute :)

  3. This babe is going to be soooooo cute! Im dying to meet her.

    And I'm doing love week too! So fun :)

  4. So so fun! I love your idea! I am looking forward to your posts. :) OH and I love your ultrasound pictures. She is going to be DARLING!

  5. You are so fun to follow.. I love all your posts.. Also, you look great. Very hip and stylish as a pregnant person!! I loved the hiccups when pregnant but found them to be somewhat horrible when they were born because my babies HATE having the hiccups! So it would turn into crying!! Don't mean to be negative though.. you keep enjoying those hiccups and feeling her move around inside you!!! I found I missed it after my babies were out!!!



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