love week: family


I love my family. 
So many different personalities (I guess that's what you get with 9 people in your family!)
The best jokes
the funniest sense of humor
and some of my best friends.

I sure do miss these guys. I mostly miss when were younger, playing made up games in the front yard, hitting each other with styrofoam bats and sleeping on the trampoline in the summer. I miss playing Clue with my brother Todd because I was always Miss Scarlet and he was always Colonel Mustard. I miss getting him to sing Raoul's part in Phantom of the Opera with me (he would kill me if he ever read this). I miss my brother BJ teaching me about boys and hitting on all of my friends and having long talks. I miss bugging my other three little brothers and dressing them up and teasing them constantly. I miss making up dances to the Backstreet Boys so my little sister could dance her little heart out and spin around in my old dance costumes. I miss going on grand adventures on our farm together. I miss my step dad taking us out on the horses and teaching us how to take care of them. I miss my mom and everything she is. I miss lunch dates with her and all of my guy friends coming over to my house to see her and not me.

I don't miss the drama that was my younger life of divorced parents and a really idiotic father. But I am grateful for my big blended family and mature parents who held us all together despite everything my other immature parent tried to do and say. 

And now, everyone is growing up. And I have more family to love! I have SIL's who are wonderful and funny and beautiful and make the best kids ever. Sometimes I feel like some of us have grown apart, while others of us have gotten closer, depending on the stage of life we are in. It's been an interesting development, but I have loved it.
my side
Then, when I got married, I gained a whole new family, with completely different personalities, completely different views on life, and completely different everything.

I have loved it.
I have loved seeing where the guy I married came from; what has shaped him into who he is today. 
I have loved getting to know my sweet mother in law.
I have loved getting to know my beautiful sisters in law.
I have loved watching Dale and his brothers get together and be boys.
And I have loved being an aunt to those cute nephew and nieces of mine.
Dale's side
 I don't think I get to see any of them nearly enough, but moving here has taught me the importance of family and being involved and trying hard to stay updated on each other's lives. 

Also, Skype and Facetime rock.
Grandpa and Carter


visiting San Fran


Park City trip

This is probably one of my favorite pictures. I wish I could make it bigger. I think my parents had only been married about a year here. She had 4, he had 2, and they had just had a baby girl together. We were a motley crew of kids. My parents look hott and way too young to have 7 kids, and people mostly looked at my straggly family like we were crazy.

playing dress up

Old school Halloween

Baby Austyn

Carter & Grandma

Baby Emmy
 Once I get going on family pictures, I can't stop. 
I just think they're the best.

More love tomorrow! Stay tuned.


  1. I loved this post and i'm loving this idea for valentines. I'm with you.. I'm having a hard time getting into the valentines spirit. I love the idea of it all but its so much pressure to think of something wonderfully thoughtful.. which under pressure is very hard.

    You're getting close to having a little human!! Yay.. you'll love it.

    By the way.. specialties cookies are AWESOME. Thank you:)

  2. I loved hearing about your family! Lots of people to love you and your little girl. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love all those picture - especially the old ones! You are lucky to have such an AWESOME family!!

  4. I miss seeing your family and chilling in the sun room. You really do have an awesome family!

  5. Loving all the pictures! It make me look back when I would come visit you guys in the summer. :)
    Miss you girl. When are you coming to visit next?



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