love week: dale


Our conclusion of Love Week ends with the thing I love most:

 I love this man.

He's sexy,
he's goofy,
he's smart,
he's determined,
he's a gentleman,
he's the hardest worker I know.
He's annoying and funny and sweet.
He's romantic and committed,
and he's completely in love with me.

Don't worry that my legs look obese. Gross. It's the angle, or something.

I love his cute little grin.
I love his superhero chin.
I love his muscles.
I love his long eyelashes
I love his red hair
I love his sense of humor.
I love that he loves baseball.
I love that he's sorta a non-Dwight way.

He's just the best. I can't say enough good things about the guy. Sometimes I wonder how that 14- year-old me could tell what a catch he would be when he grew up.

I mean....all I did was sit directly behind him at baseball games so I could see his cute butt in his baseball pants behind home plate. I only stalked the guy in the school newspaper and wrote about him in my journal.

I'm so glad that things worked out with us in college. I'm glad he didn't know me in my stalker days and that I didn't really know him in his party days. I'm glad that he could overlook my awkwardness. And I'm glad he still has a cute butt.

I'm glad he stuck with me through the crazy birth control, hormone-ridden first year of marriage, and I'm glad we decided to move to San Francisco and start our own life.

I'm glad that he is my baby daddy (why does that sound so naughty?)

And I'm glad today is Valentine's Day, because...well, you know what that guarantees:

Chocolate. And stuff (that definitely doesn't sound naughty).

Happy V-day lovers! 
Go eat some chocolate. And stuff.


  1. Aww. I loved reading your love week posts. And I am so happy you found someone who makes you so happy!

  2. I'm an constantly jealous of your cousin Kelly. I mean the woman has it going on right? But I get so jealous of her every time I read your blog and realize that not only does she knows you in real life you two are related. I think if I did a love week of posts you'd make the cut.

  3. Happy Valentines girl! You are hilarious! You and Dale are perfect for each other! The best part is I remember going to games with you and watching you stare how things work out! :)

  4. Cuuuute! But I bet if Dale did a love week, Gary would make an appearance. ;)



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