love week: colored skinnies


I am in love with this whole colored skinnies trend. It is right up my alley, and if my stomach and hips weren't the size of  beach balls, I would have a pair in every color.

I love these bright pink pants from H&M. I love them so much that I made Dale drive to the mall with me so that I could just try them on just for the heck of it. Two sizes up and they still barely fit over my butt (I thought just your stomach was supposed to blow up like a balloon?).  But on my cankles, those pink pants looked hott.

I can see them with stripes and a blazer, or all different kinds of polka dots. I am seriously in love.

I want some cobalt blue pants. Target is killing it right now with those colored skinnies.

I want some hott red pants.

I would love some mint pants.

I would really really like pants that actually fit me. I'm so sad that I might be missing my most favorite trend thus far because I'm pregnant. Since when did they decide that they don't make maternity colored skinnies? Who decided that nothing maternity can be stylish at all?

It's driving me crazy.
Maybe I should have gone to the gym throughout my pregnancy. I bet that would have helped. Or maybe I could be a serious prego fashionista like Sydney. Alas, I am not. I wish companies would give me free clothes to try out.

And seriously guys, I wouldn't care if I had to wear these bad boys half way down my butt and unbuttoned. As long as I have a long shirt and maybe some bungy cords, I could totally rock some colored jeans.

The point of this love week post is that I love me some colored skinnies. And I would love some to fit. I can't wait until I can wear my leopard pants again and my salmon skimmers. I hope Target is still selling those awesome colored jeans in about 3 months. Hopefully less.

Wishful thinking?

So if you see my too-big post pregnancy body pouring disgustingly into a pair of pink pants soon, just look the other way and say, "Yeah, her butt is totally rocking those pink pants. Literally"

What do you guys think of this colored pants trend? Yea or nay?
If you by chance bought some the other day and totally hate them, and you wear something bigger than a size 4, or 6, or 2.....send them my way. I could probably find a use for them.

PS: all pictures are from my pinterest account, if you were interested.


  1. Totally love the colored skinnies! I have the mint cobalt and salmon! I love them! If I were you I would just go buy some that fit you now and then you will still be able to wear them after the pregnancy till you get back down in sizes!

  2. I love them too! I only have red right now. And you'll get back to pre prego size. And they'll still be in style, especially in the summer (post baby!), so you need not worry about missin out. You'll definately be rockin out those Pink skinnies before too long! :)

  3. I just bought the red ones from Gap (I had a 40% off coupon) I think I need some pink and green ones oh and maybe tan too!! LOVE them... Oh and two sizes up? What ever I had to buy like 7 sizes up... Lucky

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE trend! I haven't even tried them on just so I would feel better about how big my hips are right now. The trend is not going away because you will still be wearing them :) If it does go I am still buying some just so I feel like I didnt miss it! haha Those pink ones are so cute!!

  5. Love the colored pants look! I wear my bright green ones like every other day and so far livvy and Jude have given me rave reviews. =) miss you and love your love week posts!

  6. I am too old for "colored dungarees."

  7. Noooo way! I NEED to hot pink pants! I had no idea those even existed... AH!

  8. I just bought a green pair from Target and had to go many sizes up. Are sizes just getting different these days. Yes I think that's it! Now I want to go back and get all the colors. See what you've done.



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