labor inducing


You know, my official due date is March 26th.

The due date of Hunger Games is March 23rd.

I think that this movie will be the thing that puts me into labor. 
Because I am going. At midnight. Period.

Even if my water breaks. Who's with me?


  1. Hi. I am visiting from another blog and I just want to say, IF you make it to March 23rd you can go see the movie. Babies have a mind of their own and she may just want to come earlier. I'm just saying, be prepared for anything. My first baby came 2 weeks early and I was not ready. No overnight bag, house torn apart for a washer to be put in. But baby boy came anyway. Babies are good at throwing things for a loop. But it will be a great loop. -Diedre Gray

  2. Um I'm with you. This movie looks sweet. Now if it was Breaking Dawn Part 2....not so much

  3. By March 23rd you won't care about the movie. You will be BEGGiNG that baby to get the hell out.

  4. I am seriously so excited for that movie. I hope it lives up to the hype!!!

  5. that first commenter really threw me off since the picture's of a dude.

    Anyways, I hope you last that long because i wanna come!

    side note: i went to a dance party 9 months preggo that caused my water to break with macy. soooo if the movie doesn't work we can have a raging dance party afterwards!

  6. What a great idea! That will be the best movie! I just hope it's like the books...oh and you are lucky you have a movie that might put you into labor. I just have all the sappy, tear jerkers right now and crying doesn't really put you into labor or I would have had this baby a month ago! haha I think you will make it to the movie. :)

  7. Are you up for playing third wheel again? Or will Dale be joining us? ;)

  8. I'm planning on tending the baby (not dale) while you are the movie. So you better inform your doc of the plan



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