busy season


Busy season. Tax season. Accountants-have-the-worst-job-ever season. My-husband-has-an-affair-with-his-work season. 

Whatever you want to call it,
it sucks. 

This busy season will be particularly sucky, because one of my best friends who lived in my same apartment complex and had an accountant husband too, decided to move to London recently. Some lame excuse about her husband's career or something like that. Completely selfish. Who will cook me dinner now?

Homemade pot pie. So good!
I have made a shocking realization about myself since moving out here, and that is that I am completely lazy. I know, I know. Most of you think I'm kidding or tell me to "just enjoy it" because I'll never have a chance to be lazy again.  But, I have found that I can get really unproductive, and it's very unsatisfying. I don't like that I've gotten comfortable with being so completely worthless and wasting my whole day on the internet.

It's very easy for me to wake up in the (late) morning, check all of my social networks and blogs that I like to read, grab something quick to eat, bring it back to bed and start watching a show that I want to catch up on. aaaaaaannnnddd about 5 hours later, I realize that the person in the mirror is me, and not just a beach ball with a head and a rat's nest all piled on top of each other. I realize that I had a lot of errands I could have run, or that I could have called someone to go to lunch, or I could have made a million things for baby girl, or maybe just finished her nursery. Maybe done the dishes or caught up on laundry. Maybe I could have just found a quick recipe to make for myself for dinner. But instead I wasted my ENTIRE DAY.

My days feel like they just blend together during busy season. Honestly, it is hard, but I have made a bad habit of cooping myself up in my house, and as a result, not having any real human interaction for days. It makes me really dread going to bed at night and starting the whole monotonous thing over again, which in turn makes me snappy at my husband who works so hard for us and makes me ornery and sullen.

Anyway, the point of this post is not to complain. Because while taking a shower at 5:30 (pm) today, I came up with a solution. It is the Holy Grail of solutions, and it is so simple that I can't believe it's taken me three busy seasons and a pregnancy to come up with.

 I have some goals that I would like to incorporate back into my life. And you get to hear about them. Oh joy!

Goals. They are happening.

1. Get out of bed before 9 AM and make the bed right away
2. Eat breakfast at the table
3. Take a shower and get ready (yes, that means real clothes)
4. Do a quick clean sweep of our apartment - leave the big stuff for later
5. Decide what dinner will be - left overs or something new
6. Run errands outside before noon
7. When I get home, either start dinner or finish the big house stuff (laundry, dishes), whichever needs to happen first
8. NOW I will relax. I will let myself watch the shows I want to catch up on, read my blogs, etc if I want to as I eat dinner (because let's be honest, I will probably be eating dinner alone).
9. Have a craft or something that I can work on while watching TV or a movie
10. Make a list of things to get done the next day.
11. Meet my hardworking hubby at the door with a kiss and a smile (sounds easy. It's not).
12. Start over again.

I realize that these goals are something that you all do without thinking about it. Hence, I am pathetic, and I know it. But, I'm hoping that this change will be beneficial to me. I'm hoping it will make me feel worthwhile, more positive, and happy that I can be self sufficient. And it's now on the internet, and the internet don't lie. I can't take it back. This makes me accountable....or something.

 I will reteach myself to be productive again before this baby comes....and when she comes, my world will be rocked and I will just be flying by the seat of my pants, so we'll see how this all changes. That should a funny thing to watch. Stay tuned.


  1. I know how you feel!! When I moved to Michigan and stopped working, I had and still kinda do have failure to thrive... haha no I have gotten a little better, but it's hard... and you can make me that pot pie if you want to! kthanksbye! Loves

  2. I did the same exact things before I had Carson....but really, pretty soon you'll be on baby's schedule. And it's not fun. I bet you can't wait till Dale gets Maternity leave! So I say sleep in all you can now!

  3. Very great goals...Maybe I should do a few of them! haha But really girl don't do so much chaning because what you are doing now is about what you will be doing when baby comes! haha You don't have much longer! :) You are my motivation!

  4. You just posted my life right now. I finally got a job, but man I was a lazy pile when I was sitting at home with nothing to do. You are not alone.

  5. We could be best friends. You just described every day of my life in the summer (I am a teacher). And I always feel so guilty and that I am wasting my life away. Why is it so hard just to get up and do the little things? Good luck on the goals!

  6. Livvy and I have been in our jammies for four days straight and not left the house....booo! I know how you feel dude. Miss being lazy with you! I like your plan of action...perhaps I'll steal it! Wish I could walk over and hang with you everyday! Let's skype soon! mmmmmmmk.

  7. I hear ya! Too bad we don't live closer or I would totally come hang out with you while my kids are asleep because I AM DYING! Going into this busy season I was thinking, it wasn't that bad, I can do it. Yeah, I was wrong and I dont think I can and I really don't want too. It would be so much easier if our hubs didn't actually like their jobs! lol. I know it is a drive, but you are always welcome over here while you wait. I just made fudge... maybe we should have a chick flick night or something! Hang in there!



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