a most diabolical plan


A couple nights ago, Dale and I were talking about babies and future teenagers and drama.

We were talking about how much our life is going to change in a mere 8 weeks.

We were talking about how great it will be when the baby pees on us and makes us sleep deprived.

We were talking about how I love that baby is making my belly button stick out and likes her foot in my ribs making it so I can't breath.

Then we started laughing. 
We have a most diabolical plan.

16 years in the future, baby girl will come up to her dad and ask if she can go get ice cream with some cute guy. 

He will laugh and tell her no, because she's grounded.
And she'll yell and stomp her foot and say that she didn't do anything to be grounded. Why is she grounded all of a sudden?

And then her dad will tell her that when she was a baby, she kicked her mom in the ribs.
or that she made us lose a lot of sleep.
or that she peed on us.
So he would tell her that she needs to pay us back for those sleepless, uncomfortable nights.
Starting tonight.

Then she will probably tell her dad that he's a huge dork and leave with cute guy.

Still. It's a great plan. I can't wait to put it into action multiple times.


  1. Love the plan. Might have to use it myself.

  2. I am using that!! What a great idea! You look so good!!! Are you still in normal jeans?? Jealous! What if she is a really good sleeper? haha

  3. So funny.. can't believe she is coming so soon!

  4. yeah, you'll get a lot of other crap to use against her too. being a parent is pretty awesome.

    can't wait to meet the cutest baby in the world!!!!!!!



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