does someone have a chill pill please?


wow you guys.

I have been sitting in my rocking chair in the baby's room for a good hour. Yes, a good hour. I have been stressing to the max, making lists and talking to myself about all of the things I need to get done, all the things we still need to buy, and all of the decisions that need to be made in a mere THREE MONTHS. Oh wait, that doesn't sound soon enough to you? What if I said 12 weeks? 

a baby is moving into our house in TWELVE WEEKS. 
I am dying. 

Yesterday I wrote it on our new 2012 calendar and then I started hyperventilating and half crying. Holy Moses.

Before I was in my rocking chair, I was on my couch, and had been there for 4 hours trying to register for things that I have no idea about: if I need them, what's the best, what's stupid to buy. I still haven't decided on a car seat. I still haven't decided on a stroller. I still haven't decided that we have enough money to have a baby. Then someone knocked on my door and I answered it without remembering that I didn't have a bra on and I was still in my pajamas. Hi neighbor! Welcome to your own private show of the obvious high-crossing-of-the-arms-to-hide-that-you-don't-have-bra-on maneuver. Awkward.

How do you decorate a nursery in a cute, cheap, non-conformist way? How do you pick a car seat that will last? How do you find the best baby stuff for your money? How do you afford a baby?

My mind is going in circles. My emotions come in waves. Between every hour of worrying, I convince myself for about 10 minutes that all you REALLY need for a baby is a crib, a car seat, and some onesies. Maybe a blanket or two. 

But, you know, that kind of nonsense never stays.
Onward ho crazy hormones! Take me to the edge!

I really did have high hopes for today. I had a huge list of things to get done. But now my brain is frazzled, I still haven't taken a shower, and I am still in the same spot I was 2 hours ago. You go, Glenn Coco. Good for you.

So, in conclusion, I don't want your advice. Maybe your sympathy. But mostly I just want you to come decorate my nursery, buy all my baby stuff with your best baby stuff radar, and tell me to sit down, shut up and watch the bachelor.
 Also, make me fold the laundry. 

breath in, breath out.


  1. Elyse! I have been in the same predicament...How do I shop for a girl?! I only have 7 1/2 weeks left (mayber earlier) but I know exactly how your feeling and I only have until sunday to get everything done cuz Marc is going back to school! Keep me updated on things! :) I wish I could have seen you over the holidays! Miss ya and keep on breathing girl! haha It's all going to come together knowing you. :)

  2. I did the same thing. Trying to register is madness when you have NO IDEA what everything is. So you said you didn't want advice, but I don't care. I finally just sent out an email to all my sister-in-laws (they are the only people I knew that had babies) with a ginormous (spelling?) list asking for their advice on everything... monitors, binki's, bottles, strollers, diapers, swings vs. bouncer, etc. They all emailed me back and it helped A TON!! My email is daniwright11 at gmail if you feel like sending one out :) Love ya, girl!!

  3. go eat a nice big bowl of cereal. get the graco really is the best across the board, don't get a wipes warmer...its a waste :) and decorate your nursery with alphabet and numbers in any crazy way you'd like. and then take it all down when your kid is a year old because you will realize whatever you do to decorate won't match your child's personality and you'll end up putting up something really girly even though you didn't ever think you could have a girly girl...or maybe thats just me. you will never be prepared enough so just enjoy the babe inside because it's even more more crazy when its outside. :) good luck!!

  4. Sounds like what you need is a day out on the town with a gal pal or two. Lucky for you I know of someone who recently quit her job and has waaay too much free time. Maybe a pedicure and a "buy buy baby" date will help clear things up?

  5. I don't have advice but I remember the huge learning curve that is baby gear and it is such a headache. A lot of things you can wait to buy until you have the baby if that's easier. Hang in there! You will be a great mom and that's the most important thing.

  6. I have a pill, but I don't think you should take it while your pregnant. Just remember, she only needs you and she will be happy. You will be amazing - everything will fall right into place.

  7. I know you said no advice but I think a few episodes of the Duggards might be fun.

  8. Did you or do you know if somone is throwing you a baby shower???? After my baby shower i felt tons better. Don't stress about it too much, for the sake of the baby. Keep it simple.

  9. You will be fiiiiine. Seriously. Screw it and get some cheese fries.

  10. um you will be fine!! Wait until you see what you get hooked up with for your shower... ;) When I was prego everyone would say to me, enjoy it because then you will have a baby crying at night, but I would take a crying baby to love on anyday!! I am super excited for you!! fun fun fun!! :)

  11. we've all worried about baby gear, and honestly, it's wasted energy. i agree with Allie, enjoy some cheese fries instead.

  12. I feel like this is kind of where I am at right now... I mean seriously, WHAT CAR SEAT DO I BUY?!



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