Christmas overload


I guess there was this thing called Christmas that happened a while ago?
I don't know. I guess it's a big deal.

Seriously though, our Christmas holiday was perrrfect.

I went to Utah a little early and got in some much needed family time.
I also got to have a little friend time!

I was actually in town for my group of friends' annual Christmas party. Except this year...we added some really hott guys to the mix.
Yes. We like to get crazy.
 I stole these pictures off of my friend Sara's blog (who also happens to own the most amazing photo business EVA), because she takes good pictures. Go figure. It was so good to see everyone, and I personally think we are one really good looking group of friends. Really.

 Not gonna lie, it was so fun to see (mostly) everyone. We missed a few key people (you know who you are), and we got a little wild and crazy. See me up there shaking out my hair? Oh ya. I was going for the sexy look. Is it working?

 Also, we like to get a little weird  and do dorky poses. It doesn't help that two of us in the group are about the same time frame of pregnant. Dorky pictures were just too perfect to pass up. I won't even tell you how many times the men in that room rolled their eyes at us.

And then there's us two fatties. 
Actually, who am I kidding? Just me. 
My friend has always pulled off things better than me, pregnancy included.

And don't worry that I look like I'm holding my pee in in this picture. I very well might be.

So...that party was fun.

Know what else was fun?
That time I made a four layer cake successfully.
The first round of cakes I remembered that I forgot to put eggs in as they were baking.
The frosting tasted a lot more like butter than frosting.
Nobody really ate the cake.
Except my dog....He licked all of the frosting off when we weren't looking.
But it looks pretty, and that's what counts. Scratch that off my bucket list.

Of course on Christmas Eve, my family held their annual gingerbread-village-decorating shindig.
We were missing quite a few of us, so it was just a tiny village.
And Dale whooped us all, as usual.

Two weeks before we went to Utah, Dale was telling me his secret plans and ideas for his gingerbread house this year. Again....he is so crafty. Would you ever believe it?
His muscles are the only thing that convince me that he is manly. And a few other things.

 We make a HUUUUGE mess when we decorate houses. It is a serious matter and gets a little competitive. Tears...random bouts of swearing....smashing things...etc.

 In the end, we ended up with an ice skating rink, a barn with an oversized horse, a house with pillars, some kind of Star Wars bunker, and a school house.

 My school house was seriously awesome. It came with a swing, a seesaw, AND a merry-go-round. And a bell.  Dale's house had some sweet pillars, a stack of wood made from Kit Kats, and a snow man.

Afterwards, Dale donned his Christmas vest and we opened our annual ornaments from my parents and from each other.

My parents got us a Santa in Hawaii, because duh.
Dale forgot my real ornament in California (which was a pizza slice - story of my life), and got me a last minute cheetah bathtub thing so I would have something to open Christmas Eve. He got an ugly baby in a Giant's helmet.

Christmas day was small and quiet, but so much fun. We got some great presents, had an amazing Christmas dinner with most of my family, and just did some general hanging out. It was the perfect day.

Also while we were in Utah, my cousins threw me a little family baby shower! How sweet are they? (Really, you guys are sweet). It was perfect. Considering that opening presents while everyone is silent and watching you is still the bane of my existence, it was a wonderful day. Thanks again my cute family!

And don't you worry...I only posted the pictures where I look the LEAST like a mother whale. Instead I just look like an adolescent whale.

You've all heard about my most embarrassing moment, right? Well that happened right about here.
After my shower, and before we got to Seattle to visit Dale's side of the family.

 In Seattle, we got to see most of the nieces and nephews, and a brand new baby niece too! 
Lucky me had the flu almost the entire time we were there, and lucky everyone else in the house got to quarantine their kids and hear me puking 24/7.

Unfortunately, this awesome picture of my husband dressing up with the kids is the only picture I got. 
Most of the time was spent with me looking like death, playing with kids, and just plain relaxing. It was just what we needed.

So ya. Christmas was cool. 
Sorry for the un-witty overload of pictures. 
I'm sure most of you don't care.
 But WE had a great Christmas.
Hope you all did too!


  1. You are amazing. I love your blog! You guys make me laugh! Miss your guts.

  2. Also, this is Vindie. That would be weird if it were Lincoln.

  3. Looks like you had an absolute blast! And know you don't look like any type of whale!! You look dang good girl! :) I just hope you are having a baby shower in Cedar!! If you do I better be invited even if I will have to be hoisted out of my car because of this huge belly. haha

  4. your hair looks gorgeous in those first pictures.

  5. Ummm.... how gorgeous are you? Seriously look at you. I hope that when I am preggers I can be half as cute as you are. Also that cake?! Did you really make that? It looks professional and tasty! I am kind of offended that it didn't get eaten because I kinda want to devour it RIGHT. NOW.



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