30 weeks


It's getting serious up in herrr.
On Monday I hit my 30 week mark. 
I am so into my 3rd trimester it's not even funny.

Dresser for the nursery that we refinished
So, basically, that means I have 10 weeks left.

beginnings of a crib sheet I attempted to make
In honor of me wishing this ten weeks goes by faster than Chuck Norris can run, here is a top ten of my pregnancy developments lately.

1. I really hate pink. Everything is pink. EVERYTHING. it makes me want to throw up. I shop more in the boy section these days.

2. She is a MOVER. I mean, holy crap. You'd think she didn't have anything else to do in there!

3. Baby girl is a brat. Anytime I try to get someone to feel her move, she will immediately stop moving, even if she's been going crazy two seconds before. Then, as soon as they take their hand off my belly, she starts moving again. She is going to be a mischievous little one.

4. I think she's gained 10 pounds within a week. Seriously, I feel huge all of a sudden.

5. We need to invest in a crane to get me off our saggy couch these days.

6. She likes to stick her butt right under my belly button. As a result, my belly button is slowly starting to poke out. I swore I was going to get away with a normal belly button, dang her!

7. Dale frequently makes comments like "Whoa, you are getting really pregnant." and then back pedals and tries to call me sexy when I give him the thank-you-captain-obvious look.

8. I love feeling little feet and hands and elbows sticking out at random times. I love it more than anything.

9. I'm getting down to two pairs of pants that fit, and too many too-tight shirts. Awkward. If it was socially acceptable to be naked all the time, I would be.

10. Ten more weeks sounds like torture.

Hurry up and get here little one! We want to meet you already!


  1. I officially decided today that I can't wear my hair back because my face is too fat. I need to be done quick. SO did you use a pattern to make your crib sheet? I need to do that!

  2. Aw I love it all!! Especially the color of the dresser! Well done my friend! And I'm totally with you on the feelings about pink. I know 10 weeks seems forever for you but it's really going to go by so fast!! I can't wait to meet her :)

  3. I'm visiting from another blog. Yes, I agree; there is too much pink and lace out there for little girls. I have three older boys and then my little girl was born. Most of the time she runs around in her brother's old clothes. But I will say that shopping for little girl dresses is fun, once they can walk. Holding a little girl i a dress is another thing. That dress hiking up in your arms is a pain. I also love your dresser, nice color. And all those drawers will come in so handy. Good luck and have fun with your husband until the baby comes. =Diedre Gray

  4. I'm with you on the pink thing. :/
    Oh, and I'm so excited for you guys. I just wish you lived closer.

  5. You look so great! (Even though I'm sure you feel otherwise.) Love your dressor! So cute! And I've always wanted to ask you how you do your hair that curly/wavy way? Is it natural? Or do you do something?

  6. I want to see the whole nursery finished! I cannot wait for you to have her. Your life is going to be so different but the best different in the world! It will be as if life never exsisted without her. :) You look good girl...you could have 10 kids with how good pregnancy looks on you. ;) Oh and just have a bag packed at least 4 weeks early cuz you never know what can happen...haha Love the colors ps of the nursery!

  7. I am in love with the dresser!! Good job!! I can't wait to see the room all the way finished!! I am with you on pink.... H & M and Zara have some cute baby girl clothes!!

  8. LOVE the dresser. Like LOVE! Awesome find and you did a great job with it! Not going to lie.. The last ten weeks go by the slllooowwwest! haha sorry! Use the time to get all ready for her cause when she comes.. time will not exist! Its great though.. so excited for you.

  9. No way you could look any cuter. I love how you wear pregnancy. =) The last 10 weeks are torture...but hang in there and nest away to pass the days! Miss you.



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