2011 was cool


2011 has been a big year for us Beardies over here. 
It's been a year full of exploring a big huge city, making new friends, and eating the best food ever. There was a lot of growing up, changing, and learning more about ourselves and each other that happened, and our lives changed forever. Plus we love each other a lot more now. Bonus.

Let's see some highlights, shall we?

I learned to just be happy with who I am and our new situation, and to always look ahead.

I learned how utterly obsessed I am with LOST (and here, and here)
I let the world know about the time Matt Damon fell madly in love with me.

I learned the hard way that life doesn't always work out like you expect it to.

Dale and I reached two years of marriage-ness. Go us!

I officially graduated from college!! Go me!

Then, I really did die of happiness when we spent 10 days in Hawaii. (oh, here too)

We camped with random Romanians for the fourth of July.

I completed a 30 mile hike with a huge backpack for a week while I was secretly 4 weeks pregnant and nauseous (but miraculously not for that one week).

We found out I was pregnant and announced it to the world!

Dale switched from audit to tax, and outdid himself in awesome husband-ness (plus he's so crafty!)

I realized that pregnancy makes my crazy, and I felt baby alien move for the first time.

Dale and I had the best Halloween costumes (and car) in history.

We found out we were having a GIRL!!!

Over Thanksgiving, my family decided to eat our dogs in the spirit of sparing a turkey's feelings.

I also found out that after all this time, I still can't cook

I got my first surprise Beard-day party, and had the best birthday ever.

We had a really great Christmas in which my most embarrassing moment to date ensued (post forthcoming on both of those things).

And to conclude the year, we rang in 2012 with funny friends, bubbly, calories, and a photobooth:

 why am I always laughing like this? Sorry said the double chin.


Here's to 2012, where my only resolution is to make it to 2013 with a tiny human still intact as well as my sanity. And maybe my body back. That would be cool.

Thanks 2011. You were good to us.

Beard out.


  1. You will be an amazing mom! You shouldn't worry one bit!! And I decided that you need to come back again before you have the baby and I will throw you a baby shower.... ya???? :) Miss ya!

  2. 2011 was a cool year for you! Can't wait to meet the little one!

  3. those airplane wedding pictures are pretty hot stuff. so happy i met you this year!

  4. You had such an amazing year! So many fun things! I am so excited for you to be a mom! You are going to be so great and really knowing you, you are going to be pin thin after baby is born! So excited for you guys! Hope you have a great new year! Miss ya! :)



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