10 things you don't know


I've been in a major blogging slump. Everyday I wake up and think about how my blog is being neglected, and that I would really like to write something, but I keep drawing blanks. Nothing funny has happened to me. That may partly be due to the fact that I hardly leave my house these days. Lets face it, no one wants to see a huge fat lump of lard lumbering around in clothes that don't fit.

So, I've kind of done this before here, but I decided to do it again in an effort to jump start my creativity.

10 things you don't know about me 
(or maybe you do):

1. I have a 3rd nipple. Not going to lie, it's gross. It's also so tiny that it looks like a mole. But it's NOT  a mole, people. And it's gotten a tiny bit bigger since I've been pregnant. Dale considers himself lucky, and I consider myself totally freak-ish. You do NOT get a picture of this.

2. I have a geographical tongue. I've also heard it called a Scrotal tongue--which of course is exactly like what you're thinking. Basically, I just have a bunch of cracks and weird lines on my tongue that make it really embarrassing to open my mouth wide. My older brother used to think it was SOOO funny to tell the guy I was dating in college that I had Scrotum tongue. He still kissed me. It must be my personality.

3. I can speak in a killer English accent. When I was in middle school, my friends and I would talk for days in this accent without stopping. We thought we were so cool, but I bet my teacher wanted to shoot us.

4. I have been bungy jumping before......In Australia! Scariest thing ever.

5. Speaking of Australia, I also went to Fiji. While I was in Fiji, we tried to visit this tiny village, had to go into the chief's hut, sit in a circle with all of his advisors, and drink Kava before he would let us into his village. Kava is disgusting. It tasted like dirt and made my tongue go numb. Why my dad thought it was ok for us little kids to do that is beyond me. 

6. I have a weird crush on Anderson Cooper

7. I am so competitive, it's debilitating. Example: I recently downloaded Scramble with Friends and have lost EVERY SINGLE GAME by a significant amount. Unless you count the one where I won my 14-year-old sister. Since then, I am embarrassed to play people I know, so I have been staying up late practicing on a different app to get better. It's not working. 

8. I have eaten rattlesnake. That snake was chillin' outside our tent at girls' camp one year, so one of the men cut his head off, skinned it and barbequed it. It was quite barbaric. And honestly, it tasted like chicken.

9. I have really bad luck on 4-wheelers. As in, I remember at least five specific times where I wrecked while I was on them. Two of those times I totally demolished the machine. I am not allowed to drive anymore.

10. According to the Chinese Zodiac, I am the year of the dragon. Because I'm a dragon, I am supposed to be innovative (not), flexible (yes), self-assured (mostly), passionate (yes), conceited (secretly yes), tactless (most definitely yes), brave (not really), scrutinizing (yes) and quick-tempered (oh yes). 

Something awesome? 2012 is also the year of the dragon, which means baby girl will be a dragon too! I'm wondering if that means we'll be best buddies or that we will be way too much alike and butt heads.

I also wonder if any of you think I'm actually putting stock in the Chinese Zodiac. 
I'm not.

If any of you readers ever do a 10 facts about yourself, leave a link so I can read them! I'm pretty sure reading about your most embarrassing moments was the highlight of my month, so entertain me!


  1. I remember when you went bungy jumping...I think that was the summer we had all stars and won! Boo Ya! haha Good ol' days. I did learn quite a bit more about you today. haha Not too long and you will have a sweet little baby on your hands! Yay!!! :)

  2. haha Braidon has a "____tongue" too! I miss you! THanks for all the fun facts Chandler! ;) but, two months left! Yeh! Ok, I'm super excited for you.

  3. I am also madly in love with Anderson Cooper. However, I do not have a third nipple...so maybe you have a better chance than me. Also, I can't wait to meet your mini-me!

  4. Too bad Anderson doesn't like girls. However he might be interested in the tongue thing. sorry

  5. I am kind of jealous of your 3rd nipple, My boobs used to be marvelous until 2 boys (3 if you include Alex) sucked the life out of them....... I am jealous of your Figi and Austrailia trip too!! One day!!!

  6. your blog is so cute.
    and i suck at scrabble too!

  7. i'm betting you'll butt heads- but that means you'll be BFF's too.

    your third nipple sounds freaky, yet definitely brag-worthy.
    annnndddddd, you couldn't pay me to put a snake within a foot of my mouth, let alone eat it. ick.
    finnnnaaalllly, anderson cooper is most def a looker. colonel hottie!



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