tis the season


December is a big month!
my birthday, parties, treats, Utah, my birthday, Christmas. Did I mention my birthday?

I'm a little surprised at myself.

Usually I don't get around to decorating for Christmas until later in the month.
But I was ahead of myself this year; we decorated BEFORE December!

Really...it was a fun night.
Cookies baking in the oven.
A holiday Michael Buble Pandora station playing in the background.
Glitter and tissue paper strewn everywhere.
Pine needles (fake ones) littering my floor.
A little bit of spontaneous swing dancing.
Reminiscing about old ornaments.
And of course, Dale had a stroke of decorative genius.

we set up our nativity set, sent all the way from Germany. It's one of my favorite decorations.

Every white, thin cylindrical thing in our house (decorative sticks, extension cords, the blind closer), Dale striped up with red duct tape. We have peppermints everywhere. It's surprisingly festive.

Setting up our fake tree. I am SO not a fake tree person. But who can freaking afford real trees out here?
So fake pine needles it is.

I loved decorating our little apartment with just the two of us. This is our last Christmas alone together, and we intend to go out with style. Next year, half my ornaments will probably be smashed by my 9 month old baby *freak out moment*

This year, Christmas might be a little weird. What with baby coming soonish, money is a leeetle on the tight side. Dale and I decided to skip getting presents for each other and just do a stocking with small things. But really? Where is the fun in that? We are both present people. We love giving and getting. I just couldn't stand not doing anything for Dale.

So I started Pinteresting my little brain out, because well, who comes up with their own ideas these days?

I found this idea via this site, and though it's korny as you can get, it's not at the same time. I love doing things like this for my hubby, because hey, I have loads of time on my hands.

Thus was born the 25 days of Christmas countdown for D.
Every day during December has an envelope.
Each envelope has a compliment, an act of service that I will do for him, or a fun Christmas-themed date night for both of us. I'm sure I'll be mentioning some of our adventures throughout the month.

It has been fun to put together. But if you ever want to take on a task like this, I advise you not to decide to do it the day before December starts, unless you're a procrastinator. Then maybe start doing it tomorrow.

Day 1 was a success.
Day 2 is gonna be epic.
I have some really awesome things planned.

I love Christmas.
Don't you?


  1. So stinkin cute. Love the 25 days idea. A-dorable.

  2. I want to do that idea! I just don't see it happening sadly...I don't know if I am creative enough to come up with 25 things. You are AMAZING! Oh I LOVE your decorations and your baby girl doesn't make you look fat! You look so good! I hope that when you come to utah that we will be there at the same time. We need a pic of kelc, you and me prego! Wouldn't that be fun?!:) I would blow you both out of the water! Let me know when you will be there!

  3. How cute! Such a fun idea!! And you don't look fat. You are tiny. I'm pretty sure I was WAY bigger than you at 23 weeks. I was ginormous. So I win. The End.

  4. Yep, you are genius! Wish I were as creative as you! How fun! And take advantage of the tree and all that fun stuff. I have a small little tree up on a counter due to a little one who likes to grab everything! And you look smokin! I wish I looked as good as you look, now! :)Hope to see you over the holidays!

  5. That's such a cute idea! What a cute wife!

  6. Stop making me look like a slacker wife. Ok? Geez those envelopes and clothes pins are freaking cute! Love it! Can't wait to hear about all the fun!



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