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My day has been a little like this:

Bruce Willis with hair. Slightly weird. Slightly cool. A slight relief. 
*this is a real thing. It came on the top of my creme brulee tin from one of my recent Friday Surprises

You see, I've been sitting on my couch most of the day, getting up only to feed the fetus.
You'd think I was on bed rest. But not to worry, I'm just lazy. Also I was online Christmas shopping.


Speaking of being lazy, last week I wasn't. 
Last week I made this. And I only had to buy one little thing!
This little number came purely out of my head and my teacher junk in the storage shed.
Isn't it so sparkly and cute?

 I thought so too.


Speaking of junk, I have a lot of junk. Junk in my trunk, that is. Yes, my butt is getting bigger than it normally is, but I also have a lot of junk in my front, if you know what I mean. 
This junk in my front got me thinking the other day. Yes it's true, I have always wanted to be more well-endowed. We all know this (or you should from this post). But you know? Lately, I'd say be careful what you wish for. Because when I wished upon a star to have bigger you-know-whats, I got those, plus a gnarly set of stretch marks. 

I just imagine God having the best sense of humor, and upon hearing my wish, declaring, "bigger boobs eh? Well my dear mortal daughter, you shall have them. Plus a big serving of stretchy stretch marks. Happy boob day!"

Thank you.


Speaking of mortal daughters...

Did I mention I'm growing a human?

Oh, well I am. 

The growing is going quite well, and I'm starting to think that I'm quite adept at growing small humans.

I have been growing this human for approximately 24.5 weeks now, and her most recent and favorite trick is to kick my phone right off of my belly and then do a couple somersaults for good measure, and maybe a couple tae kwon do kicks. She scares her dad with her alien-ish movements that are very apparent now from the outside. 


Speaking of small humans, my little brother left on his mission today.
He is going to the Cusco, Peru mission, and I'm hoping he brings me back a llama, and if he really loves me, he'll bring me back an emperor llama with a bad disposition.

But anyway, it was really sad to say goodbye to that kid. He's a gem. 
Wanna know why? Well, just head over here and read all about him.

 so we Facetimed last night after he got set apart. He was nervous. It was weird to see him nervous because he is a really laid back kid. So we just talked about his loud friends and how he kissed a girl that he's been wanting to ever since he was born. It was pretty romantical too, if I do say so myself.

This is him all grown up with the stake president, who incidentally went to the same Peruvian mission as a youngster. I think it's safe to say he has a vested interest in my brother. It's always good to have the stake president on your side, you know?


Speaking of family, at Thanksgiving, we had our super awesome, super funny, super talented cousin Suzy of Jack and Jill Photography take some pictures of our family.

Ya, I have a pretty hott family. I really do, I know.

Then she took some pictures of my cute husband and my belly, and even though I am fully aware that my face has blown up like a balloon, they turned out so cute. 

 Also, I like trying to act sexy whenever I can.

So ya, you should check her out. The link is up there.


Speaking of links....Did you notice I made a couple buttons? 
Well, I did. 
I have no idea why I need buttons, but I've wanted some for a while.
So if nothing else, they are cool to look at.
But you know...you can grab one if you want.


Speaking of cool...
I'm done.
That's cool.


  1. love your pictures- you're just about the prettiest gal i know.

  2. Love the pictures! Can't wait to meet that baby of yours.

  3. I love your posts like this. Heck. I love all your posts. You are one talented lady. Both with writing and growing children that is.

  4. You mean to say you actually made something that wasn't on Pinterest? You just came up with it? Who does that these days!!

    Your pictures are so great! Numbers 1 and 5 are my personal faves.

  5. Ah I didn't know that Tanner was your little brother.. He and Carson are bff's.. Carson Ludlow is my brother... Anyways cute pics I love that black and white one of you and hubs at the bottom!!

  6. Coolest stake president ever!! Oh and your belly is soooo cute. Congrats on the baby girl



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