a few of my favorite things & a giveaway


There are a lot of things I love about December.

I got engaged in December (3 years ago. Holy!)
My birthday is in December.
Christmas is in December (did you know that?)
Snow comes in December.
People are nice in December.
Cadbury Eggs come out in December.
The mall smells like cinnamon pecans in December.
New Years Eve is in December. And you know what that means....truth or dare! spin the bottle! Making out with some hottie because someone dared you! (I only did that once).

Anyway, I have wanted to do something big with my blog for a while now. 
Something awesome.
Something that you readers would be like, "whoa. who does she think she is?"

I am but a lowly blogger, but guess what? I like you guys!
I like your funny comments.
I like that you like to hear (read?) what I have to say.
And I've had a little growth in the last 6 months.
 (my blog guys, not my body. Thanks for thinking that though).

So...to celebrate all of these awesome December-ish things, I am going to tell you about a few of my favorite things.

and then....wait for it. I'm going to give them away.

As in free stuff. 
Are you excited?
Tell me you're excited.

So.. let me introduce you to a few of my favorite things (name that movie)

1. Guys. There is a place here in San Francisco, namely Specialty's, that makes THE BEST COOKIES EVER. Let me repeat that: THE BEST COOKIES EVER!!!!  And guess what? At Christmas time, they sell cookie mix. These bad boys are MY FAVORITE COOKIES EVER, and although you may not get the full effect of how good these are, you can get a taste of them. Holy. Thank me later.

2. Revlon Just Bitten lipstain in Gothic. This stuff is my favorite inexpensive lip stain ever. I love colored lips. I love red. I don't love not being able to kiss my husband whenever I want, so this lip stain is my life saver, and I have it in every color. Gothic red just happens to be my favorite. You like?

3. Essie Mink Muffs nail polish.  Essie is kind of a new love for me. I discovered it, choked back the expensive-ness of it, and now I'm addicted. This color is one of my current favorites. It's a really pretty taupe, and I feel super chic when I wear it. 

4. Finally, my love for books is above all else. I love to read. I also have coveted these clothbound classics from Anthropologie for a super long time now. Wuthering Heights is one of my favorite classics ever. You should be really jealous, because I don't have one of these pretties in my possession, but you will. If you win.

So there you have it! Some of my favorite things.

Now for the entry rules:

*There will be one winner*
*You must be an official public follower of my blog through Google*
*The winner will be picked via random.org*
*The giveaway ends at 9 AM on December 14th (my birthday) and the winner will be announced that day! Make sure you check back!*

*For an entry, leave me a comment telling me that you are a follower and your favorite December-ish activity.

*For an extra entry, add my new buttons to your blog, then comment again with a link to your blog so I can see! (they weren't working, but I think I fixed one. Let me know if it's not working)

I can't wait to see who wins! Let the games begin!


  1. Hiiiii !!!! Carson is my brother , did I write Conner crap I must be drunk!!! And I am a follower and I don't know how to add buttons and I hope my few followers come your way and also dang the first comment never wins, but I have had cookies from that glorious place in SF and we should be bffs. K thanks bye.

  2. I think you should secretly pick me and pretend that random.org did it. I have been to Specialty and need a fix. Also, I too have fallen for Essie nail polish AND my girls wear that EXACT lip stain for dance performances. Based on these reasons, as well as countless others, I think you should pick me.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Elyse! This is BIG! I am so excited for you friend! I will never ever forget your birthday because first of all...5th grade party was so much fun and that was the first time I felt cool cuz I got invited to a cool girls party (yes you were cool) and second of all...when I was at your party my little bro was born! haha I will teach myself how to add a button cuz everyone should follow your blog! :)

  5. Following you my dear, not sure I've ever told you how fun it is to see the updates!!

  6. I can't remember how I found your blog, although I do know Jess {the commenter above mine} so maybe that is how! :) Anyways, I am a follower now and really enjoy your blog. One of my favorite things about December is going to look at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve :)

  7. I am now a legit Elyse Beard follower. Hook me up with some cookies and nail polish!!

  8. i am a follower! hooray for giveaways! you're the best!

  9. Hello! I do read your blog, you make me laugh... like a lot :) One of my favorite "Decemberish activities" is to watch a Santa Claus marathon (you know the movies with Tim Allen) So anyway, never tried any of the things your giving away, so I want to win :) Take Care.

  10. I've been following you for a couple months now, I love all your witty comments and how relate-able you are. My favorite Decemberish activities would be: playing in the snow (when I get the chance to be in it since I live in Central Cali), drinking hot cocoa and apple cider, listening to Christmas music non-stop, and of course, shopping. I love shopping. Buying gifts for others? Easy. Buying stuff for myself only to be a Christmas gift from my three year old? Even better!!

    Keep on writing! (And I hope that just maybe I'll win some of your awesome goodies!!!)

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. also, I grabbed your button but the picture doesn't show up - you are listed under my favorite blogs!


  13. Oh my heck! I'm your girl :) Def following! Hmmm fav Dec. thing? Snowboarding in Colorado up at a ski resort!! & snow & winter fashion :) Lemme know if you add extra entries because I'll for sure do them :)

  14. I stalk you my friend! I don't know how to work a blog (as you can see by my empty one) so I can't put your button on. To be completely honest I don't even know what the button thing is... It's pretty sad how awful I am with technology!

  15. Girl, you know I'm an official follower! I love hearing about your adventures in Cali. And my favorite December activity is definitely watching Elf...hands down :)

  16. ELYSE!!! this is saaaawheet! I WANNA WIN! You know I am your faithful follower :) Love you girl!

  17. I love boots and hot chocolate in December :)

  18. This is so awesome of you to do a give a way. Well i will tell you this first, i always remember your birthday because its my mom and dads anniversary, did you know that!? Kinda a weird way to remember. Anyway my favorite thing about december is christmas lights! I love driving around and looking at the lights.

  19. So I recently found the designer of these BEAUTIFUL BOOKS. I am obsessed with her F. Scott Fitzgerald line. Blacks + Metallics! Gorgeous. Also, I want cookies. Now!

  20. I can't believe they make cookie mix!! Have you tried it?

  21. i dream about those cookies daily!!!!

    and i'm so excited to learn about what lip stain you wear because i've been meaning to ask you like bjillions of times.

    and i just saw the Alice in Wonderland book on sale at Anthro- that belongs in my casa.

    in short: i. must. win.


    happy almost birthday!!! we need to get together -- maybe i can take you to lunch or something next week? you have plans on your birthday? or tuesday or thursday? let me know.

  22. Love this! Please pick me... I never win anything!! My favorite decemberish thing is hot apple cider... oh and ummmm, opening presents :)

  23. (follower!) I love baking Christmas cookies & driving around, looking at all of the Christmas lights!

  24. Love love love those cookies. Oh and I am a loyal follower. One of my fave activities is gingerbread houses!

  25. yay! i love this giveaway!
    i am a follower.
    my favorite december activity is looking at christmas lights :)
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  26. I am totally your stalker/follower! I love singing & dancing to Christmas music while decorating the tree, oh and watching Buddy the Elf:) Pick me!!

  27. I'm a follwer and I want those cookies! I love all the twinkling lights so my favorite Christmasish activity is to go look at all the Christmas lights/Christmas tress around town.

  28. I buttoned it up. whitneyluvskurt.blogspot.com

  29. I am an "official public follower".

    I don't think I can pick just one favorite December-ish activity.
    A few of my favorites are baking cookies, Christmas shopping, decorating for Christmas, checking out all the cool Christmas lights...oh and getting Christmas cards and packages in the mail!

  30. I am officially a follower of your blog! I love Wuthering Heights, it's definitely a must read! Oh did I mention those cookies sound delish right now! Ha My most favorite thing about December/Christmas time is all of the traditions we get to enjoy and participate in!

  31. Added your button! :)

  32. Hey! I didn't realized that I wasn't following you until just now. Decorating has to be one of my favs. :)



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