Day of birth celebration: the best ever edition


My day of birth celebration was one of the best.
It started out with Daleio taking the day off of work just for me, a breakfast of stuffed French toast, a medley of out-of-season fruit, and bacon of course. Because a birthday just wouldn't be a birthday without bacon.

We headed to the citay for a little last minute Christmas shopping (mine's all done. Dale is the procrastinator this year). I still didn't know what we were doing for the day, so I was anxious to find out.

After said shopping, he told me we were heading down to Palo Alto for a little surprise, and to check out the Stanford campus, because he heard it was awesome.

So we did. 
We checked out the arts center.
We checked out the Rodin Sculpture Garden and all the naked people that were in it.

We also imitated some of the sculptures, because that's just what we do.

We walked another million miles through these immaculate gardens (seriously, this place is AMAZING)
 to the historical church thing they have there.

And sorry about the Asian guy that kind of unintentionally ruined my picture.

And then we died a little from how amazing this campus was, and how we want our kids to go there, and how we should have had a trust fund, and how SUU is kind of sad.

So we went to dinner.
Then I found out the most amazing birthday surprise of the day.
D told me that we were going to a movie.

But not just any movie: 
A classic. In black and white. In a 40's styled theater. With a legit ticket booth. And an organ-playing man in between features. With velvet-covered seats. And cheap popcorn. And old movie posters everywhere.

It was the best birthday present he could have ever given me. 
My only regret was that he didn't tell me sooner so I could have dressed the part.

We went to a movie called "Stage Door". I had never heard of it before, but let me tell you, it's now one of my favorites. Hilarious. Ginger Rogers. Lucille Ball. Katharine Hepburn. So. Good.

It was amazing I tell you. The velvet curtains folded up when the movie started, and then a silk screen parted down the middle as the credits were rolling.

We enjoyed a big bucket of popcorn for $2.50, some Reeses Pieces, and laughed at all the good parts. I even cried a little at the end, because it was THAT GOOD.

And to complete it all, after the movie, a little man was carted up through the orchestra part of the stage with a little Wurlitzer organ and played music until the next feature started. After every song, he turned around on his bench, and bowed with a silly smile while everyone clapped. 

Tickets were $7. For TWO MOVIES! I am in shock. I will never go to a regular movie theater again, where the small bags of popcorn are stale and $5, and I see too much sex and lame jokes. Also, there was an abundance of cute old couples dressed up for a night on the town, with pretty little hats and chivalrous husbands. Everything was how it should be.

Needless to say, it was 
The. Best. Birthday. Present. Ever.

Afterwards, we made our way home, where Dale finished off the night with a flourish. He surprised me with a present that he wasn't supposed to get me in the first place (presents are off limits for birthdays). But wanna know something cute? Part of my present was an outfit for baby girl. And golly it is darling. He told me that he saw it and just couldn't help himself. That's the mark of the best dad in the world. Hopefully he'll still be like that when she's 16?

He also got me a cake from a cool little shop in the Ferry building in SF. It was just tiny, perfect for two.
Isn't it pretty? I've always wanted a pretty cake like this.

So he sang the Happy Birthday song to me in his very best falsetto voice, I made a wish that he would always be his cute dorky self, blew out my candle and we ate the cake. And it was delicious.

Thus, my day of birth celebration came to an end, and it was delightful.
I think it will go down in the record books as one of the best.


  1. Dale is such a nice husband! It sounds like he put a lot of thought into everything. Good work if you're reading this Dale.

    I totally want to go on a date to that movie theater now so you are going to have to share the info sometime, or better yet, double with us!

  2. How cute! It's like you went back into time when everything was just perfect! :) Dale is so good! So glad that it was amazing! I need to come visit San Fran!

  3. Such a fun birthday! You deserve it. Way to go, Dale!

  4. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a blast:) Love the cake.

    *Both my parents..."Bro. and Sis. Player"-met and dated at while attending Stanford. My Uncle Steve is in-charge of school donations there now. He played football for Stanford in the sixties...and my Aunt Linda was a cheerleader there.

    Congrats on your brother's mission call. I love the picture of him with President P.-Fantastic!!! Dakota gets ready for his mission call in March. Time is flying.

    Sending our love! Merry Christmas



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