day 9: Christmas in the city


We are now on day 9 of D's Christmas Countdown, and it is going just swell.

On Friday, we met in the city to do some Christmas shopping, see the big Christmas tree at Union Square, and look at all the holiday windows while scalding our tongues on Ghiradelli hot chocolate (with extra whipped cream of course).

We headed to Pier 39 to check out all of the little shops they have there and remembered that they also have a huge Christmas tree.

It was a beautiful day. We could even see Alcatraz way out there.

Then, because the fetus demanded it, we journeyed to the Italian district to find a cool pizza shop. And find one we did. Tony's Coal-fired pizza! (one of a million Tony-esque shops).

Holy deliciousness, kiss your tiny hips goodbye. 
In my case, I never had tiny hips, so I didn't worry about it.

After 1 1/2 slices of heavenly cheesiness and a cold rootbeer to boot, we had all the best intentions of heading to Union Square after picking up some hot chocolates.

But then the traffic was bad.
People were everywhere.
We got a little lost.
Dale finds the slowest lanes and the longest side streets.
We drank all our hot chocolate,
and I had to pee.

So, we decided to just pretend that we went to Union Square and saw Macy's all lit up, and made our way home instead,

Where baby girl's crib was waiting to be set up.

So we did that. And it was fun.
Now baby girl's nursery is officially started.
Bring on the paint and knick knacks!

OH. and a baby. That would be nice.

PS: have you entered the giveaway yet? Winner chosen on Wednesday! Get on it kids!


  1. Holy cow girl! You look so stinking cute! I don't see a pregnant belly! haha serious! That looks like so much fun! :) Oh and I LOVE THE CRIB!!

  2. I meant to ask you about the crib! AHHH I LOVE it! I can't wait to see it in person. So sweet and cute!

  3. Ok! This is just getting annoying! You look so stinkin gorgeous! :) Not fair! Looks like your havin so much fun. And good choice on the recliner. Love the crib! Happy Hollidays!:)



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