Tell you what.

This whole Breaking Dawn craziness is going to drive ME crazy.
My twitter is blown up with BD references, as is my facebook. Also, I want to gag. What is this?

Confession: I have been in love with the Twilight saga before. It was a fling in college, and I was madly in love (see here, here and here). And please excuse how totally lame my blog was back in the day.

The movies SUCK. I am not impressed and never have been with the actors. Carlisle is ugly. Edward is hideous. As one of my friends put it so deftly the other day, " Who can take Mr. Pasty-Hairy-Nipples seriously?". Not I my friends, not I.  And don't even get me started on my-expression-is-the-same-no-matter-what-my-emotion-is Kristen Stewart. I want to punch her in the schnoz every time she's on screen.

Also, the sex scene where Edward is like, breaking the bed? And stuff? I've only seen the previews, but the book was bad enough. Pretty sure I wouldn't mind if there were two hott actors goin' at it on screen...maybe. But those two? Awkward.

Finally, I used to think that Jacob could be the redeeming quality in the movies. But then, two mistakes happened. The wolves look as stupid as you imagined they would, and Jacob looks like my little brother.

Is that weird or is that weird? Kind of gross too. Don't get me wrong, I think my brother is a good looking guy, but I can't very well do swooning of any kind. 

Finally, as only the Dark Lord can put it, herein lie my feelings:

So yes, I scorn you, Breaking Dawn lovers. You are almost as bad as that stupid royal wedding that happened a while ago, and equally as annoying.

On an entirely unrelated note, Thanksgiving is next week, so bound to Utah, I am.

I re-read the entire Harry Potter series and finished them last week. As a result, I'm really in to Harry Potter jokes right now. 
As in:
 "Your mama's so fat she brought syrup to a quidditch match because she heard there'd be quaffles."
ha. haha. ha. ha.

The other day, I tried to listen to Christmas music early. It did nothing except remind me that I haven't even thought about what to get Dale for Christmas, let alone anyone else. It was stupid, so I will resume NOT listening to Christmas music until absolutely necessary. But when I do, I will for sure be buying this album.

And maybe this one.

I'm having really weird dreams. Two nights ago, I dreamed I was eating the sun. Yesterday, I dreamed some black hoodlums were gettin' all up in mah grill, so I was all, "I'm packin a glouc, so back up Bi$#@!" Then I told the cops as I carried around a big truck made entirely of watermelon from my mother in law. (sidenote: I hate watermelon).

We don't have TV, and the only show I watch religiously is Bones (illegally on Sidereel). Bones season 7, complete with an awkwardly pregnant Brennan and a not surprisingly hott Booth. Still, I'm not completely in love with this season. I feel like the producers skipped all the good tension from "I love you but I won't admit it", straight to "I'm pregnant and you're the father so now we're living together all of a sudden". They skipped all the good parts. And as much as I love Booth and Brennan together, I really wish they would have developed their relationship from the level they were at to the level that they are now.

They better be bringing some serious drama. Or all will be lost.

I think the last random thing to cross my mind today is baby V's nursery. I have all of these grand schemes in my head, but all of the looks I love cost a million dollars. So I am slowly but surely hunting out some bargains that aren't designer but LOOK like they are. The hardest thing right now is finding a stylish rocking chair/glider/armchair that is comfy but not expensive and still super modernly cute. It is starting to seem impossible. Keep your eyes peeled (and when I say cheap, I mean cheap).

I really don't have a choice but to go neutral with pops of color. I can't paint like I want to. So if you guys see a really awesome retro dresser that is any color but pink, let me know.

I can't wait to do some vertical wall art like this with a more pastel/neutral color pallet.

I love this idea for a crib mobile....you really can't go wrong with gold in my book.

This dresser is one of my top contenders. It's from Ikea and really not too pricey. If I can't find a refurbished vintage dresser, I will add some color and use this. Maybe. Still undecided.

And a sheepskin rug...well, we all know I've always wanted one of these.

Also...when I get to feeling really ambitious, I'm making one of these quilts. Tutorials for both, PLUS I have a new sewing machine that I need to break in hard core.

Also, I am in the market for teaching myself how to crochet. Or knit. Whatever it is. Either way, I'm making this baby turban. It might possibly be the cutest thing in living memory.

I know these pictures all have links, but I don't want to post them now. They are all on my pinterest, so if you want them, go find them.

And....that's all. The thoughts that have been keeping me up at night are now floating around the empty nothingness of blogosphere. Thanks and goodbye.


  1. Wow, your brother really does look like Jacob. I agree the Twilight movies are pretty bad, but I still like to see them since I read the books. Baby V huh? Violet? That's the only V name that comes to mind, but now you'll have me guessing

  2. I am so excited to see what you come up with for your nursery! The pics you put up so far of ideas can only mean that you will have the cutest nursery on the planet! I can't wait to see the final product! Yay! Oh and I am with you about being a twihard many eons ago...still see the movie. You know you want to watch Kristen Stewart's many different emotions! haha NOT! I totally agree with you. I will be seeing it though because I have already put time into the first three. Oh well! Miss ya E!

  3. Ok, Yes I am sitting here on my couch, laughing out loud. And any name starting with 'V' is adorable and timeless. Love! And just think. Next Thanksgiving you'll be making the lovely long drive with a little one! Yah! She'll be almost 8 months and such a stinkin cutie! I love this 8 month thang. So fun. Well it's always fun! Can't wait for more pics and what you decide on all the nursary stuff. Loves!

  4. hahaha wwwwhat? is this my Elyse that went to Hawaii with me?? haha I agree with you 100 %. Jared told me another one the other day that is also floating around "J.K. Rowling told a better love story in one chapter than Stephanie Meyers could tell in four books " haha I am lovin all the jokes right now too! I can't wait to see your nursery! All your inspirations on pinterest are darling :) Oh and one more thing.. Call your friends over your Thanksgiving stay :) I miss you!

  5. I am so stoked to see Breaking Dawn with you! I don't know a single person who has seen it. At least not that has admitted it to me. I can't wait for the bed breaking scene with lots of 13 year old girls in attendance. Already annoyed. I bet we don't go. Pasty nipples.



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