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A couple weeks ago, I spent a solid two weeks in Utah, courtesy of my parentals and busy season. Also, my younger brother was getting married! And I couldn't miss that, of course. 

Dallin and Hailee got married in the Logan temple on September 10. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful ceremony.

Typical of me though, I realized as we were driving up to Logan that morning to go to their wedding that I forgot my temple recommend. In California.  How I did that, I have no idea. I mean, I came to Utah specifically so I could see my brother get married in the temple, and I conveniently forgot my recommend. I blame it on the overused excuse of pregnancy brain. 

Luckily, the temple workers were nice and just had me fill out some paperwork and flash my ID. I hate looking like an idiot. It happens more often than not unfortunately.

Anyway, we made it through the ceremony and then the very awkward meshing of my sperm donor father and his girlfriend, and me and my brothers. Awkward pictures, awkward side hugs, awkward fake-ness. We really don't like each other.

On the plus side, I got to see cousins from that side of my family that I don't ever get to see.
Also, some of my family forgot to wear their matchy-matchy outfits, so we probably stood out a little bit in the matchy-matchy family pictures.

Oh well. 
Only my sister and I wore our designated wedding outfits. We be smart.

My family is dorky, mostly. But I do love them.

Here is the happy couple. Do you love that dress? Well, if you do, it is mine. My new sister-in-law wore my wedding dress, and I love that she did! You gotta get some extra wear out of those things, and she pulled it off way better than me. Don't they look great?

Anyway, afterwards, we went back to the hotel in shame so that we could all change into our proper wedding attire and match at the luncheon. Doesn't my little brother look a little like Erkle? His pants were a little high before we could get his suspenders working properly.

We finally made it to the reception at Hailee's house later that night. It was beautiful. They did a beach-y theme, with beautiful vintage bottles, seashells and sand on the tables. It was a nice night, with lots of wonderful cake balls and lots of family to hang with.

Mostly, my brothers, my sister, and Dale and I just took pictures of ourselves.

Here is the groom and my other two brothers! Aren't they handsome?

Dallin and my step-dad (not to be confused with sperm donor)

And us with the happy couple! They were so cute, and looked really happy.

Long story short, long day of weddingness, but really fun and beautiful. We were so glad we got to be there!

Afterwards, I got to spend a lot of quality time with my family and hang out a little with friends.
My little nephews came over for the open house/reception a week later, so we got to hang out, have a sleep over, and roast hot dogs and s'mores.

And the boys liked to show me how strong they are.

Golly they're cute. I have missed them so.

Ya....I'm a little tired after this huge-o-matic post too.

Weddings always tire me out.
Dress: Asos

Ps. We find out what baby alien is in November. So I've got a little voting poll goin' on up top. Right side. Ya, right there. See it? Vote. Do it.


  1. I was glad that I actually got to see you this time!
    I said to my mom at the open house that the dress looked familiar. She and Grandma then informed me that it was yours. :)

  2. you're so beautiful! love that blue dress

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Elyse.. I love the dress too. You look great.. I'm very excited for November. I already voted but can I guess a girl with red hair? You.will. have beautiful babies:)



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