vader rules


I have a really funny little cousin.

He's a doll, really.

He always says stuff like, "no, I do not love that!" in the most precise, cute little voice you've ever heard. I find myself saying things his way instead of the usual, "no, I don't like that.",because...this family moved. Far away. So when I go home, I never get to see them when I get to see all of my other funny cousins and their kids. It's quite sad.


So his mom posted a picture on Facebook of him after he yelled that she was "making him feel like she was the devil"....while wearing this.

And I just thought of this:

Can my family that has already seen this picture tell that I'm running out of blogging material? 
 Sorry Suzy for using material from your family. And I know you're not the devil.


  1. I love that you blogged about Max. He will be so excited to see his picture on your page when I show him in the morning.
    I also love your last post. You take the cutest pictures! Where did you get the shirt you're wearing and is it a bodysuit?



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