hormones are fun


I gotta say, I never really thought the whole emotional pregnant thing would hit me.

I'm more of what you'd call a....B word when my hormones kick in. I thought my period was bad. I was scared for pregnancy to make it WORSE.

Seriously though, I'm not a sappy crier, I'm a brat. I'm mean. On purpose. Because, yes, it makes me feel a whole lot better and everyone else a whole lot worse.

I've dealt with reppercussions  from this attitude of mine, like whoa.

Anyway, my point is that I never thought that I, the cold-hearted B word, would be the person to turn into a big blubbering mess for no reason.

But then I got knocked up. And all hell broke loose.

I just have two specific stories that stick out in my mind as what I imagine to be the most embarrassing, classic pregnancy freak outs ever.

Case 1:
 A while ago, I was at Trader Joe's trying all the samples, and as a result, bought the tortellini and vodka spaghetti sauce that I sampled to make for dinner that night.

So I ate it, and coincidentally I got a little sick the night after.
Then I freaked out. As in thought I alcohol poisoned my baby. It all started with a little argument with Daleio over something insanely stupid, and things may have got a little heated. All of a sudden, instead of yelling (like I usually do in an argument to make my point), my face crumpled up into the ugly, and these little clear drops started seeping out of my eyes at an alarming rate.

What the....

"What is happening to me???"

That was my thought afterwards of course, but during the breakdown, I thought that whatever I was crying over was the most realistic, rational thing possible to cry about. A fight, paired with vodka spaghetti sauce that would give my baby fetal alcohol syndrome or something was my undoing. I didn't come to my senses until Dale tentatively said, "You know baby, I looked at the spaghetti sauce bottle, and vodka is the very last thing listed. That means there's not very much in it at all!"

Afterwards I realized that alcohol is probably cooked out, and that's why I bought it in the first place. 


Case 2:
 Last Sunday we came home from church to the prospect of making pizza with leftovers that we had. Because I always miss Sunday school to come home and eat a snack so I don't die of hunger, I decided not to miss Sunday school that week and just deal with the hunger pangs that make me hangry.  

Bad idea.

We got treats during the last hour, and I ate two of what we had. When we got home, I looked despairingly into our fridge, saw nothing; looked despairingly into our cupboards, saw nothing.  So I threw myself onto our bed and demanded that Dale bring me a crust of bread, because I was going to die of starvation.

Soooo....he did. And I started bawling. First, because he tossed it to me, and it got crumbs all over my hair and our sheets, and second because I was just so hungry! Only one thing sounded good. And that was fruit. Lots of fruit. The thing I couldn't have and had no way of getting.

My face again crumpled into the ugly, and I went and sat on the toilet to sob my little heart out (the toilet is just the most appropriate place to cry ones eyes out, yes?).

I think I threw a tantrum for 30 minutes while my husband ran around the house offering me canned fruit and cheese and crackers and water and popcorn and whatever else he could get his frantic little hands on. I knew he was laughing at my ridiculousness, but I was again thinking that my life was over in the most rational, possible way.

Whatever. I laugh about it now. I'm crazy. This is weird. What are these things called hormones?

Annnnyywayyy.....now that I've embarrassed myself, I'll leave you with pictures of my latest project: 
the wall.

I have had a huge empty space over my couch forever. I have been pinteresting all over the place looking for wall collages, collecting weird frames and knick-knacks that could go together, and finally I sweet talked my good friend Ashley (she's a freaking designer, so use her talent, I dare you), into helping me put all my ideas into one big collage of weird things.

After a night of pizza, apples and music, this is what she we came up with:

And a few of my favorite details.....

This crocheted old school car I scored at a thrift store for 50 cents

My favorite art that I have ever found. It just fits us doesn't it?

And a little love from the younger versions of my grandparents. This part of the wall is my favorite.

So what do you think? 
Do you love it? I do.
And can you all please tell me of the irrational hormonal freak outs you've had?

Thanks...that will make me feel loads better.


  1. I L.O.V.E. the wall....and the baby bump. I'm glad you've had a few freak outs. Confirms that I'm not the only one crazy. Been there done that. =)

  2. I just expect weird things. Like for Jackson to bring me home a chocolate doughnut home from work....everyday. Sad.

  3. oh yeah I'm right there with you Elyse. Chris and i actually get along better when I'm pregnant because instead of fighting back when we disagree I just ugly cry and then he feels bad. but i really hate crying and sometimes i start laughing in the middle because i know what i'm crying about is totally ridiculous.

  4. Love the wall with all my heart. I started the sup sups after Kade telling me the story of Rachel and Leah from the Bible....don't know the story. read it. You will cry. Your boobs look huge btw!

  5. I love your cute little bump!!! Oh and just last night we were reading the scriptures and I decided to let Marc read this time...haha He started reading really slow to annoy me and I started bawling/laughing because I knew it was stupid but at the time I was furious! haha I just got overwhelmed with anxiety! ha Oh I just love pregnancy. Provides good stories! :) OH and the WALL! I LOVE IT!

  6. I love that you call it the UGLY. Because it is. That is why I hate to cry. And it makes Joey mad when I cry, he doesn't feel bad. Because he knows that unless I'm pregnant that I only cry when I am really frustrated/mad. And he knows it's gonna be directed at him. Poor guy.
    When I was pregnant with Gwen I remember that I cried at a Sylvan Learning commercial. I probably cry the most because of commercials when I'm pregnant. I wish I was pregnant right now. Like permanently. Then I would have a hard fat stomach instead of just a fat stomach.
    I love that you put pics of Grandma and Grandpa up! I'm jealous of your wall. Mine are all bare. I brought a few pictures with, but they are propped up on the floor against the wall where they might eventually be hung up.
    I also love that you cried because he got crumbs in your hair. I would too.
    I love all your pictures too. You are so cute. And your picture skills are...I want to say "boss" or "mad" but I feel silly saying them. But then I feel like "good" is not enough.

  7. I am glad you put the pictures of your grandparents in the frames. I feel like it is a nice personal touch! The wall turned out great :) And after reading this post I was just really glad that I brought apples (fruit, ya know) that night. No emotional break downs. Unless you did after I left???! ;)

  8. I was shopping in Wal-mart, and suddenly I did the biggest sneeze of my life and peed (is that a word?) anyways peed my pants! I just sat down on the floor and cried.. It was awful!



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