Every year I look forward to Halloween.

And every year I am severely disappointed. Mostly because I never get to dress up. And I L.O.V.E dressing up.

Except that one year, in college. I did dress up.

Slutty much? Yes.
But surprisingly, I really got in to the whole gothic thing.
 I think I was a goth in another life. Weird but true.

Anyway, this year, I wanted to dress up. I wanted to do something cool. See, we actually had something Halloweenie to go to this year. 

So this:

Turned into this:

Meet the 3rd grade geek and his little treasure troll.

 Instead of focusing on a costume, Dale focused on dressing up our car for the trunk or treat. He worked on this contraption for hours. Hours I tell you. He cut all of the teeth by hand, He spray painted the eye balls and the blood on the teeth, covered the trunk in red material, and downloaded burping and growling noises to scare the poor kiddies away after they grabbed candy from this gaping maw.

 It was the hit of the night. Next to the people who brought a live turkey in a cage. That was cool.

Needless to say, we totally rocked our church's Trunk or Treat. 

People were enthralled by my hair (guys, there is a smart water LITER bottle up in there, with extra hair left over. My hair is getting out of control.) but had no idea what I was supposed to be.

Kids were saying "I could look at that thing each day" in awe as they passed Dale's car creation.

And not to brag, but I won an award for Most Original Chili at the ward chili cook off. It was only because the judge had never seen white chili before, and the recipe is actually good. Like, reeeallly good.

Then a small group of friends decided that we weren't Halloweened out yet, so we had another soup night, carved pumpkins, and watched a really scary movie (Hocus Pocus, duh). That night was epic.  

Dale and I went to our very first pumpkin patch in preparation for the big event,

Went a little pumpkin crazy,

Dale's impression of me. Hott, right? 
And got ourselves a little pumpkin family.

An evil mom pumpkin, a goofy dad pumpkin, and a little baby pumpkin.
The future is told.

Side note: I have no idea what this whole squinty face thing is in all of my pictures lately. It may be that all of my pregnancy fat is being pushed up into my cheeks every time I smile. Or I have turned slightly Asian. I don't know, but I need to find a way to fix it, pronto.

 And my husband is the ham of every group he is in. period.

So that's that! Halloween was a very successful success in my book. 
I showed off my fat pregnant belly, I got to dye my hair, I won an award, I got Dale to dress up, our car was a hit, I got to carve pumpkins, and on the actual night of Halloween, I was Halloweened out. 

We watched Captain America (worst), and ate pizza with Halloween cookies.
3rd grader and his lucky treasure troll signing out. 
Happy haunting to you.


  1. yesssssss. i love it. thanks for fulfilling that lifelong dream of mine. you rocked it.

  2. YOU ARE SO FREAKING HILARIOUS! I would have never thought of dressing up as a treasure troll! I used to collect those. haha You look good girl! I love love love the idea and I love that you guys are so festive! And tell Dale that your guys' trunk is the bomb! haha Miss you! I can't wait to hear what you are having! :)



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