avocados are cute


Hiya toots!

long time no see, eh?

I know, I KNOW.
you've missed me, right? I knew it.

I've been wanting to do this post since baby alien was like, a lime, which was like, 6 weeks ago.

Due to unforgivable and uncontrollable circumstances such as the sun being long gone by the time daley whaley gets home from work, grease ball hair in a bun every day (if it's a good day), and sitting on my couch in my underwear (tmi?) until four PM reading copious amounts of Harry Potter, I couldn't ever get pictures of my cute self with cute little alien bump.

I have bought food each week that coincides with baby's size; lemons, oranges, limes and peaches with the intention of taking these (inspired by her). Did it happen? No. 
Harry Potter got in the way.

So that leaves us with 16.5 weeks and an avocado- you know, the ugliest fruit of them all.

I was feeling particularly hott today, because if you must know...I curled my hair.
So me and Mr. point-and-shoot went onto my deck and took alien portraits. 
I don't take pictures of myself you see. It's all for the alien.

 It's really there, I promise

And if you're thinking it's really gay that I did this (this being take pictures of myself), 

I agree.
 But I have no other options. Someone has to document baby's growth. And my cute outfit + curled hairs. Who knows when that will happen again.


  1. ha ha!! Awesome post!! I feel weird taking pics of myself too, but you are adorbs so you should do it always!!

  2. Aww how cute, now I want to eat an avocado. Is that weird?? My stomach looks like a watermelon. I'll just have to stick to moo moo's. When do you find out what your having?

  3. I love this. I always feel weird taking pictures of myself too but I love seeing them on other people's blogs! Cute outfit and cute avocado bump!

  4. I still don't see much of a bump girl! You look hot! haha I really do love your post and keep posting pics! I don't get to see you! And you did make me want to eat avacado...keep sticking with the fruit comparisons so you can make me crave healthy things! :)



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