who are you voting for?


Do you know who you're voting for for the Presidential Election in 2012?

As for me, I'm still debating.  

But, I find this documentary very interesting. Religion will always be a big hold up in politics, but the specific disliking towards the LDS faith in  particular is funny to me. Already, the LDS faith has gained the media's attention through two Mormon men running (is Huntsman admitting that he's really Mormon now? I can't keep track), that stupid Broadway play and Prop 8, along with other avenues, but this election seems to be a battle of good vs. evil; The world's view of our religion vs. the truth. Of Satan trying hard to downplay our religion and make his move. He's sneaky, that one. Brings to mind the Tree of Life and the Great and Spacious building, if I'm being honest.

"If a Mormon man wins the Presidential Election, their faith will gain legitimacy they have never had, and always wanted. This can't happen." (not a direct quote, just a combination)

And that, my friends, is the key. Legitimacy (not that we need it), but society is afraid of what will happen if we gain any social legitimacy through media. A Mormon president in the White House might get people interested in a good way (if Romney won, and if he did a good job, which if he did win, I still don't think the public would give him a fair chance, but that's another story).

Just because Mitt is LDS doesn't mean he's gonna start spouting scripture during press talks. Any normal, smart, political man will make a distinction between politics and religion. If he doesn't, then he would be practically stepping on the Constitution. The United States may be used to that, though, after  *cough cough* some recent president whose name rhymes with Osama (I'm not pointing fingers)

I'm not saying that I'm voting Mitt Romney for president.
I just think it's interesting to see how much people are against him solely because of religion.

Anyway, Mormon or not, do you let religion play into your political decisions?
If you think Mormons are crazy, take a minute and learn the facts here.


  1. I just watched a thing on tv about the broadway play. We had to turn it though cause the kids don't understand that just because something is on tv or in a play it doesn't necessarily mean it's true. I don't know if I would vote for Mitt either, I'm undecided. I do know who I wouldn't vote for already though. Post some pics of yourself PLEASE.

  2. I don't think I want a Mormon president. I HATE Huntsman and I HOPE I don't have to vote for Romney. I actually am all for Herman Cain right now. That might change.

  3. I'm undecided in all aspects. though i am decided that i think you're way smarter than me. jerk.



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