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Design*Sponge came to town for a book signing and craft night in San Fran last night. The event was at Anthropologie in Union Square, and it was a fun time. When my friend emailed me and told me to come with her to this shenanigan, I accepted, mostly because I love Anthropologie and free food in the city as well as a reason to hang out with friends.

So the day came, and after much freaking out about what to wear and such, we took BART into the city and checked in to the big event. We meandered around the store and I took Instagram pictures of all the gorgeous decor in that store, and we daydreamed about what we would buy if only we had a million bucks. 

We made our way downstairs and sat by this trendy non-gay guy who introduced himself and another couple girls. The workshop started, and we started learning how to make our own wax sealing stamps from wooden dowels, colored wax, and wood burning tools.  I tried to free hand a beard, because, you know, when it comes to being creative, I'm not.

Then the trendy guy asked me if I was drawing a beard because of Brian Wilson.  "Brian who??", after which they all looked at me incredulously. I furiously wracked my brain for a connection between SF, a beard, and a Brian.  "Oh, you mean THAT Brian! Of course! Giants!"  Dur. Dale would have been so ashamed of me if I didn't know who that was. He does have a gnarly beard.

Trendy guy then asked us, that since we were Mormon, he had a question for us.  All politics aside, he said, who did we think was more attractive? John Huntsman? Or Mitt Romney? (I don't think I really need to answer that one for ya).

The picture background made entirely of edible cookies! I ate one off of the wall. Yes I did.
Then I took out my mini Instax camera. I was a little embarrassed, but I really need some cool polaroids to decorate my wall. So I started explaining why I brought this camera, and that I had won it on a blog, and I needed some good pictures, so that's why I brought it. I was a little embarrassed, and when I'm embarrassed, I tend to over explain myself to the awkward maxxx. Anyway, after everyone at the table kind of looked at me funny, trendy guy asked me, "so, what blog do you run?" To which I hastily replied that I won my camera on someone else's blog, not mine. My blog is nothing.  Trendy girl gave me the eye and asked, "so, what do you blog about?"

" blog about things I think are funny?"

"Oh, so your just a life blogger?"

"Ya...I'm not's really nothing."

Then my friend came to my rescue, and said that my blog was really funny, to which I replied, "ya, I think I'm pretty funny on there."  And after an awkwardly pregnant pause, I stood up to take my Instax picture.

Also, I tried sparkling water for the first time, and after much deliberation, decided it's gross. But the bottle is just darling.

So there you have it. 
I'm just a life blogger. Which, I don't even think that works either. Maybe it could be categorized as a "sarcastic, mostly negative and sometimes funny rehash of my life, exaggerated, highlighted here and there by iphone pics". blog doesn't have a name. So when they asked what blog I run...what would I have said? 

Ya, beard. My blog name is beard. Coincidentally, that's my last name?

I'm an idiot.

So after that, I just wandered around aimlessly while my friend got her book signed and I took pictures of myself in my new pleated maxi skirt. 

We also tried to find something cool and city-ish to eat, but then after a lot of walking, we happened upon a Chipotle, decided to cut our losses, and just eat there. The fetus was starving.

Needless to say, we had a lot of fun, and I really embarrassed myself last night. I'm not a trendy blogger. I don't blog to gain popularity. My follower count, though I am grateful for you all, doesn't really merit my blog as high ranking.

But hey. It's cool. Thanks for reading anyway! Sometimes I'm funny, right?
Haters gon' hate.



  1. Did you get some cutey shots with your instax?

    And I'm with you...pellegrino is gross.

  2. I didn't know you won a camera on a blog? Where have I been? I love this story because I can totally relate to the awkwardness right now...well I am always awkward, but being awkward in a new place is a completely different thing. I also over explain when I am embarrassed....or when I am lying. I am getting better at the lying one though...Joey can always tell. This is Suzy btw. I think I'm logged in as Joey.

  3. I feel totallllly lame that I some how missed this post. haha. I love you. That was a fun night. Thanks for coming. One day they will know of the beard blog... I promise you that. I PROMISE YOU THAT.



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