surprise fridays


I love surprises.

I hope and wish and pray come every December that I will be surprised with a real live surprise birthday party, wherein I have my favorite food, a whole slew of friends, and a really awesome cake, all packaged in a cutely decorated room just for me, and everyone jumps out to yell surprise. It has yet to happen (hint).

I love Christmas and NEVER try to guess what my presents are. Never. Sin of all sins.

I would NEVER jump to the end of an intense book to see how it ends. I have to cover up all the words when I'm getting close. The ending is the best surprise part of the whole book.

I used to look forward to waking up every day because I would get cute little notes or surprises in the kitchen for me from Dale before he'd leave for work. Or when we were dating, I would come home from work and flowers would be on my car. One time he bought me the hardcover Twilight book with a rose and a note that he had written and re-written several times to perfect it (he's a little obsessive like that, and golly it's cute). When we lived in Utah, he would get up exxxtra early in the winter to crack all that ice off my car windshield because he knows that I would rather miss school than have to scrape ice off my car. 

Ok, actually I could go on and on about him.
 He's kinda just a thoughtful guy.

I'm thinking that gifts are my love language. What say ye?

ANYWAY, the point of this is that Dale has yet again come up with a solution to make me the happiest girl on earth and simultaneously prove that he is the most thoughtful and sentimental husband ever.

I present: Surprise Fridays.

Every Friday, Dale comes home from work with a little surprise for me from the city. The first time it was flowers, then it was the take-out Chinese food in those cute white boxes. One week he brought me a little tin of creme brulee from a street vendor (holy crap it was good). 

This week, he bought me a little box of Swiss chocolates that the Swiss import into San Francisco every day. Every day! I practically ate this chocolate on Swiss soil. That's how Swiss this chocolate is.

This is just a busy season thing, and I can't disagree that this whole "surprise Friday" thing isn't merited. Busy season SUCKS. I hate it with every fiber of my being. So, when Friday rolls around, it means one thing, and if I'm lucky, it means two things: I get a Friday Surprise, and I get Daleio to myself alllll weeekeeeend (which usually is not the case. He has to work on SATURDAYS too. Kill me). With a Friday Surprise, Dale sidesteps the inevitable wrath that a late busy season Friday brings on, and simultaneously reminds me how much I love this guy.

Moral of the story:
 Dale's the best husband, and I love surprises. 

Every man has their own way of showing cuteness.
So what does yours do?


  1. Very cute!! Maybe I will nonchalantly leave this blog page open for Chris to see :)

  2. I like Jenny's idea! I was wondering what on earth Dale did to score a hottie like you, now we know. Haha j/k.

    P.S. Tristan also works on Saturday alllll the time and I hate it. So if you ever want to have a Saturday husband-less pity party, I'm so down. We can go spend all their money or something.

  3. Every month our first year of marriage Jim would bring home flowers. I never knew what day, I guess that what a surprise. Six and half years later not so much. But I still love him!
    When you stop working, we should do lunch.

  4. Dude Mike sucks. Jk. I love him, but he could definitely use some pointers from Dale.

    I'm with Allie- let's go spend all of their money.

  5. It's not a surprise, but It is AMAZING! Marc will give me a break about every day where I can just go running or whatever I feel like and he will watch Braxton! It's so nice!!! :)

  6. Chance will surprise me and clean the whole house while I'm at work! It is so nice to come home from a 12 hour day to a clean house and your hubby with a huge smile on his face:) Dale is a stud, I'm glad you two are so happy:)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I agree that I will leave this blog open for my hubs to read... ;) my hubs is an early bird so he wakes up with my boys, gets them fed and I get an extra 15-30 min of sleepy time!! Dale is a great guy... Who doesn't LOVE surprises right? xo

  9. My husband gives me a back massage every night!...NOT! Oh yeah I'm not even married. Yes, I may be your only single friend, but I bet my future husband will be pretty fabulous

  10. I love you and I miss you! I am so sad that you are in Utah for SOO LONG this time and I can't even hang out with you! I was going to come to the open house, but that is not going to work out. I am bummed. I want to touch your belly uninvited.



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