my husband, the Relief Society president


He's a:

pie making

quilt making

dinner making


Enya & Norah Jones listening

candle smelling

button sewing

handwritten recipe booking

manly man.

what do all of these have in common?

Well, my Dale of course.
Last week I taught a lesson in Young Women's about how to prepare to become an eternal companion. This includes, among other things, spiritual preparation, and homemaking skills, obvi.

So I scrounged around my apartment trying to find things that showcased my very sparse homemaking skills. There were very few. It was sad.

So during the lesson, I used myself as an example of what not to do. Then I told the girls (because they like my husband), that Dale taught me how to sew on a button and he cooked better than me. They thought that was quite funny, and one of our bishopric men were in on the lesson during the time I outed my husband with the story below:
Sorry for the blur, but this picture is just so him.

On one of our first dates, Dale invited me to his house for dinner. I had never been to his house before. He was a bachelor, living alone in a town house, and when I walked in for the first time, I thought I had maybe walked into the wrong house. It was spotless. Salt City candles were burning everywhere, probably 10 of them. Enya and Norah Jones were playing in the background, and cute little Dale was in his kitchen with an apron on, making me a delicious dinner from scratch as well as a cheesecake for dessert. He was like, a pro in the kitchen, and I was understandably impressed, as well as sufficiently embarrassed because I couldn't make food like he did.  I was a terrible cook. Really I was.

Anyway, the more we dated, the more I found about his domestic side. When he was small, he would bake pies and take them to his neighbors just because. He made his own pieced quilt from jeans because he wanted one. He always sews up his own stuff, and he irons a heck of a lot faster and better than me. I credit his mother, and his tendency toward the domestic and sensitive. My Dale is quite romantic and sweet, and he's not afraid to shed a tear once in a while or be ridiculously sappy in love. It's cute, no matter how much I tease him about it. He's just better than me at this house stuff, plain and simple.

I think that maybe people would think he could be a little on the femmy side, but his huge muscles, superb athletic ability, deep voice and plain manly-ness all save his hiney. He's terrible at dancing, he couldn't care less about design and decor, and he can't do my hair better than me. So I have him beat in the fashion department, and that helps.

Isn't he stttrong?? He's got sexy back, and yes it's my favorite part about him. Like you wanted to know that.

He's just a manly guy with a sensitive side, and I love it so.

After the lesson, my bishop approached me and said that he was thinking about calling Dale to be the Relief Society President.

I told him that would be superb.


  1. Love it! Loved your lesson! Love YOU!!! :)

  2. That doesn't say much for your mom! These pics make me really miss dale he is such a fun guy (fungi?) to have around! Can you two/three come back? :(

  3. I need some of those skills too! Dale needs to do a homemaking inservice for all us lacking in that area. haha He is hilarious! And...I must mention that you are an AMAZING seamstress! I saw all of the baby things you made for people! :) I want to see some belly pics!!

  4. Wow. I had to give the same lesson and I gave it the same way. I told them i had to pick someone who knew how to do everything because I didn't want to do anything. Dale is cool.

  5. Love this post, it's so true, I remember him sewing away on my mom's sewing machine making pillows. Makes me feel better about Ryan liking to sew so much.

  6. I have tasted that cheesecake, it really is fab! And the dancing skills, aka The Parowan Sway! Yikes lol

  7. Oh Elyse, it is such a relief to know I'm not the only one whose husband can outcook and outsew her. Let's make a club.



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