My belly had its official first rub from a stranger that was not invited.

I would like to point out a couple quick points.  

You may be thinking...
"HOW far along are you?!?"

Yes, I am only 11 weeks today.
Yes, I just ate a big meal in this picture.
Yes, The dress I am wearing is one of those clingy types.
Yes, I took this picture on purpose because I wanted to show this sexy bump off.

No, I probably shouldn't be showing this much already.
Yes, I am proud of this pokey-outey. I can't wait for it to get bigger.
 (it and only it. with the possible exception of double trouble above. It's just gratifying, ok?)


  1. Well, with the exception of you probably poking it out ;) haha you look so hot girl!! I can't wait for you to get a big belly too! You are going to be so gorgeous pregnant! Keep the pics comin cuz I don't get to see you! Oh and yeah...I don't get that last comment. Are you having twins!?

  2. how dare you look sexy and pregnant…. ;)



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