this week has been stellar


Not that I want to make this a pregnancy blog....because that's annoying....

But this is my week:

Discussion 1

"So, how have you been feeling?"

"Oh pretty good. I think I'm getting a little bit of a belly, but that's ok."

"ya, I noticed."


Discussion 2

"How far along are you?"

"Like, 10 weeks. I don't really have a belly yet, but I feel like I do."

"Actually, ya you do."

double cool.

Do people ACTUALLY say stuff like that? 
Obviously they do.
And obviously to me.
I must be getting huge.


  1. I want to see this so called belly of yours:) And just you wait, comments get way worse and some people even start touching your belly. yay for prego bellys!

  2. Yes, people really say stuff like that. It it ridiculous and it gets annoying. One of my least favorite parts of being pregnant. You'll get some fun ones, though. Like little girls yelling at you in the grocery store! Haha.

  3. Hate to say it but once your belly starts sticking out it becomes public property. You become everyone's Buddha!

  4. I second the prego picture!!!

  5. These conversations must have happened like yesterday, because I saw you Sunday and there was no such belly. Pretty sure mine is sticking out more and I'm about negative 3 years along. Next time someone comments on your belly, comment on theirs. :)

  6. What!? Who are these people? Obviously people who have never been pregnant!

  7. OH Elyse! I don't think people know what they are thinking! There is NO possible way that you could even have a belly! haha You are way too skinny girl! I had people thinking I should pop any day when I still had four months to go! haha The nerve of some people is way beyond my comprehension. That just reminded me of the Brian Regan skit...Pandas at the zoo. When's that baby due?...People were aksking me that after I had Brax!!! ha

  8. Be prepared for some of the dummest comments and questions! I got asked, them: How many are you having? me: Just one. them: Are you sure? I had twins and you look bigger than I was.
    I thought really you are asking me again. I know I am big I didn't miss it., I see it everyday!
    When you get closer to your due date, everyone asks, Wow when are you due? Just say tommorrow that is what I said cuz I was sick of getting the look of big eyes and comments like, wow you have a long time, or you look like you are going to pop already. I don't know what it is but you can always count on an annoying comment!



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