old skool


I always feel a little reminiscent after going home.
And I love old pictures.

Put those two feelings together, and you get an old skool post.

Since I got a bunch of pictures of Dale when he was little from his mom, I decided that I needed to steal some of the doubles my mom had of me. 
So I did. 
And I liked it.
Mostly because I could finally prove to Dale that I was the cuter baby and our kids will have a chance.

Pretty sure there are a million pictures of me when I was a baby because my parents were obsessed. Who wouldn't be? Babies kind of steal your heart and make you camera happy.

Plus, look at that cheesy grin of mine. I was a darling perfect angel. Just ask my mom and her gray hairs. I never gave her any grief. I think.

And I think it's ok if you make fun of my mom and her semi-mullet hair style back in the day. It was the 80's, transitioning to the 90's.  I try to give her a break, but it's just so hard sometimes.

But as Dale and I were looking at these pictures, Dale turned to me and said
"You know, minus that mullet your mom has, she is actually a really hott lady"

Thank you?

I guess I can't complain, because my mom is kind of a hott lady. Did I tell you the time when she came to visit me and got hit on by 2 older guys who wore those boots that look like elf shoes with rhinestone shirts and semi-bald, wannabe faux hawks on top of their shiny heads? Also, they wore sun glasses inside. Must have been bright in the building.

They told my mom she must be a rock star. She kind of ran with it and said she was married to Def Leppard. They said, "bet you're not older than us" and she said, "bet I am". Then they threw down their drivers licenses and my mom beat them in the age category. Their jaws promptly fell to the floor in awe and then they promptly checked her out up and down, Joey Tribbiani style.

The sad part of this story is that I am the one that they should have been heehawing over (since I'm in the prime of my life at 22, right?), but the guy looked me up and down with disgust and said, 
"You're MARRIED? What are you, like 15?"

I retorted with a strong "um no, 22...."

 Ego was shot to the floor that day. I got beat out by my mother. A fair opponent. But still.

A 22 year-old still needs her ego, ya know?

So, since I'm past the prime of my life and married, I'll just settle for saying that I was a cute, fat, chubby baby. It delusions my ego for the time being.

And that cheesy grin + the dalmation suit will save me every time. 

Maybe if I grow a curly mullet, Dale will say that about me when I'm older.
What do you think?


  1. Haha I LOVE the old pictures! So cute..and might I add that I totally agree with you. Your mom has got it going on :)

  2. Your Mom is going to LOVE this post! I love how Grandpa and Grandma never change.

  3. Aww! Elyse! You were such a cute little girl! And now...You are a hot 22 year old! If you don't remember the first day in biology... genetics allow you to get your looks from your mom! haha It is obvious that you look exactly like your mom and yes that means you're HOT! ha



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