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I have been in a pissy mood all day. Lots of swear words in the head and random "shut ups" in the head to people who've said stupid things to me. That kind of pissy day.

Subliminally, I think it's due to the fact that school started today without me. I miss it so. I miss learning. Right now I feel like I have a whopping IQ of 10 because it's been a year since I've been in a real classroom. I miss teaching. This time last year I was just starting student teaching, and I was scared, and nervous, and elated, and confident in my abilities. I was alone, and Dale was starting his job out here in Cali without me. I was really good at teaching. And man, do I miss it. 

I wore white pants today because usually, I look hott in white pants. But today, I spilled something twice on them at work and my legs have started to look like small elephant legs. Tree trunks really.

That is due to the fact that I have just not been able to get my lazy butt off to the gym. I'm just too tired. Mostly lazy. Mostly I am just busy eating any food to fill my perpetually hungry stomach while watching Bones. So ya, I can't. 

Today I woke up at the insane hour of 6 AM so I could be to work by 7 AM. I walked out to my car nibbling on a measly piece of bread and realized that I had left my car at the BART station for two nights (that's the transit train station in the Bay Area), (Also, leaving your car there overnight is definitely illegal).  BART has its own freaking BART police for crying out loud. I stood in my parking lot, said a couple bad words out loud, called Dale to try and blame it on him, contemplated calling my friend to pile her kids in the car and drive me to work, run the 1 mile to BART on the off chance my car hadn't been towed and impounded, take my shoes off and start running the 2 miles to my work, or just walk really fast with my heels on. Or just melt in a pile on the ground and cry pathetically. 

So. I started walking to work. THANKFULLY, my wonderful friend called me two seconds later and let me hijack her one and only family car. I'm such a jerk. Also an idiot. Who forgets about their car for 2 days? 

I'm starving and there's no food in my house. And if there was, I'd have to cook it for myself. Thanks, but no thanks.

Oh ya. I quit my job. HA. How ironic. But I'll have you haters know that I had multiple good reasons to get out of this job. And it's too long of a story to relate, so you'll just have to trust me. I have good reasons. So I'm on the hunt. again.

The last week I was kind of back in my groove of sleeping in till ten, staying in my underwear all day, watching uncountable amounts of my new favorite show, and showering right before Dale got home so he thinks I did something with my day. It's productive.

Also, I hate busy season. And it's happening. right. now.

I looked at my stomach today, and it kind of looks like a fat roly poly stomach, but then I remembered that I have a baby growing inside me which is kind of cool. Even though this baby alien is making me sick and fat and lazy. But I love the alien anyway. Weird how that happens.

So now, I think i'll go make some cookie dough and drown myself in Seeley Booth's sexyness and FBI charm. I'm in love. SERIOUSLY, where has David Boreanaz been all my life?


  1. I don't want to ruin this for you or make things weird but I look just like Him. It's a fact.

  2. you crack me up. i hope your day gets better! you're on the right track with the cookie dough, yum.

  3. so um... the whole showering before the hubby gets home thing... been there! Been there a lot actually. Haha. Love it! Actually, It's pretty lame. Totally know how you feel. Having a little person helps.

  4. Oh and Ray has been at school/work all day and I was totally just considering some cookie dough myself :) some of these cookies to be exact

  5. Oh Elyse! I am so sorry about the bad day! You are allowed to many of those...especially when you're prego! I wish we lived by each other so we could just hang out, watch our bellies get big, and eat and eat! I swear the only time I really like to watch the food network is when I am pregnant! So, cookies sound really good right now! haha Love ya girl! I am glad you quit your job for whatever reasons...why let your job ruin your day? haha

  6. This is Suzy. Just reading your blog and wanted to tell you that I love you and I wish I had just moved to San Fran!

  7. Without days like that how would you ever know how lucky you are to have such wonderful friends and that you can handle absolutely anything because you don't have a choice. Love ya!

  8. Elyse your Mom is totally right! And Joey, YOU WISH!

  9. Ummm....David Boreanaz has pretty much been on TV about half your life, so how have you missed him all this time? ;)
    [Better late than never, right?]

    Love the pic at the top of your post!

  10. Hang in there friend! Seriously, the first trimester is the hardest. Who knows why since you cant even really tell there is a baby in there, but just remember you are not lazy! Your body is working very hard to grow that baby. Call me if you ever want company or at least someone to split the bowl of cookie dough with. :)



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