food, wonderful food (name that movie)


Lately, I'm obsessed with food.

As in totally and completely. It consumes my life. I'm always hungry. 

Two days ago? I had two dinners. Sure, I could blame that on the dreaded busy season that has so recently devoured my life. But really, I just needed two dinners. First I had soup. Then I had a PB&J.  Both of those things were rated as the best particles of nutrients that have ever crossed the threshold of my taste buds.

But then....THEN, I was browsing online for something to tickle my fancy (as it so often is tickled lately), and I came across this.

This being amazing.

This being delectable.

This being possibly the most orgasmic food known to man. 
Seriously, it could happen while you're eating it. 
(Sorry for using that word...but I used to say it all the time to describe divine foodstuffs before I really knew what that entailed, ya know? Now, it's the only accurate description of this meal.)

I mean, try it. You reallllllly need to try it. IT. WILL. CHANGE. YOUR. LIFE.

On another note, if anyone was paying particularly close attention to my online life as of late, as I'm sure you all were, you would have noticed that all social media I participate in have been crammed with pictures of food, thoughts about food and posts about food.

My camera.

I really don't know what's going on with me. Actually I do. But I'm not saying why.

Like, last week, I went to the store and had amnesia until I left the store and saw my cart filled with the most random things ever. Things like goldfish crackers, lunch meat and Top Ramen. Things like cinnamon cereal, strawberries and pickles. And they all sounded good.

I thus enjoyed the spoils of my amnesia intensely afterwards. 
Since that day in Target, my love affair with food has grown.
And that's all I have to say on the subject.


  1. Do not eat detergent (or dirt)! Even if it seems like the greatest idea ever!

  2. I feel like your next post might be about how you hate puking and love buying things for a baby. :)

  3. You really did say orgasmic didn't you...It's funny by not saying anything I think you said everything! Congrats on Baby Beard. mwwwhaha



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