five and alive, please revive


Top 5 ways you know you've been camping too long:

5. You feel a tickle on your face and go to slap the mosquito or spider off.

4. People in civilized places look at you funny because you have a lot of zits on your face, which in fact are not zits, they are in fact bug bites that look like zits, that in face cover your whole face.

3. You sleep with your sheets over your head because you still think you're sleeping in a mummy bag and you don't want the mice to run over your face.

2. when you take the 30 pound backpack off your back, you feel like you could fly and walk a little lopsided.

And the numero uno way you know:

1. Your whole body is sore, you have blisters in between your toes, and your whole body is sore.

I've been at girl's camp for a whole week. Of that week, I was back packing and hiking 30 miles over 4 days, sleeping under the stars with a mummy bag and a foam pad, pumping drinking water from a lake, eating dehydrated meals that tasted a little like throw up in a bag, and sometimes sleeping in snow. We were supposed to see a lot of bears and rattlesnakes, so I slept in fear of one of those 2 animals crawling into my sleeping bag while I wasn't looking. 

It was hard core. I'm officially a mountain woman. I started growing a beard while I was out there. While appropriate in so many ways, it's not the most attractive thing you've ever seen. If you think that's bad, you should have seen my arm pits.

DIS-gusting. dis-GUST-ing. Take Dale's word for it.
Can you see me? I'm the one showing off the huge muscle in my right arm
So, while you've missed me this week, just know I was out gallivanting in the wild with the mosquitoes and mice and snakes, oh my. On a positive note, I'm on a spiritual high. Going to girl's camp built my testimony 10 miles up. Prayer is a real thing that really works.

"Beauties and the Beast of a Hike" camp leader signing off.

PS. Dale wanted to say hi to you all. He's missed me and this blog.


  1. It is still weird to me that we are old enough to go to girls camp.. not as an awkward thirteen year old but as a leader! What? When did this happen? That is awesome though:) When will you be coming next? I miss you!

  2. I am so so jealous of you! I wish our girl's camps would have been more hiking and living in the wild! haha I know you are so good with those girls! :) Glad to see you back on the blogosphere! I need to read your blog to get some laughs in! Miss Ya!



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