battle it out


Remember those cheetah pants impulse by of mine?
I remember feeling a little Rihanna fierce when I tried them on.

Well then, I made the mistake of looking at this website (People of Wal Mart) for the purpose of scoffing at other people's outfit blunders to make my day.

Well, let the Battle of Cheetah Pants begin!

I had to double check that this picture wasn't really me on the left.

Things in common:

Ghetto booty? Check
cheetah print? Triple check
skinny jeans? (in my defense, mine aren't leggings. They are actual denim. I don't think the contender can say that)....Anyway, check.
Bright pink thong? Not check.  I'm not wearing a bright pink one. Mine is lime green. And you can't see mine.

Our sameness stops there.

My head is just a jumble of confused thoughts now. 
Questions like:

"Should I never wear my cheetah pants again?"
"Are cheetah pants allowed only in Wal Mart?"
"If I was in Wal Mart wearing my cheetah pants, would someone take a picture of me only for scoffing purposes?"
 "Does my butt look THAT big in my cheetah pants?"
and finally
 "Are people LAUGHING at my cheetah pantsed butt?" 

Golly, I don't know. 
The jump from Rihanna fierce to People of Wal Mart is a big one. 
 Or is it?

I seem to remember Rihanna wearing something similar sometime in her life. 


  1. That Rihanna outfit had me busting up laughing. I love people of walmart. I think you can totally work the cheetah pants, they look cute in the picture you posted. A see through Spandex version with a pink thong underneath is not going to look good on anyone though.

  2. I say it every time I leave a comment...but i'll say it again! YOU KILL ME! I wish we were neighbors so I could soak up your witty sense of humor everyday! can totally rock the cheetah pants. Most people could never pull them off. But seriously, YOU can pull of anything!! Even the sweet fishnet attire...but please, don't try!

  3. Haha you crack me up! And you rock those cheetah pants :) The things you see at Walmart. One time in UT I was at a Walmart and a ladies thong was high up her back and her mini skirt was WAY below so it was so bad! I tried to get a pic but I couldn't lol! So following your blog now!

    Ashley Sloan



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