Pre-fourth happenings


We had pre-fourth and present-fourth happenings at our neck of the woods this year. Basically it included cramming as many activities we could into a single extended weekend so we wouldn’t remember that we were alone and that our families were having barbeques, watching fireworks, and making fun of white trash without us.

It paid off, because wow do I have some stories to tell.

We went camping from Thursday to Saturday. 
Dale has been dying to go for a year now.
I was mad that we had to drive 3 hours to find a decent campsite, and Dale was excited because we might get to see a bear or 5, and if we were extra lucky, get to be bitten by a snake.

Needless to say, I let made him plan the whole trip.

We stayed at a reservoir a little north of Sacramento. It was a nice campsite with beautiful, tall trees and a clean lake. The weather was perfect, the scenery was amazing, and the bugs were thriving.

Dale planned the meals. He’s also a man. Which means he forgot essentials like cups, plates, more than just one fork, dish soap (because we can just wash our dishes with hand soap… joke), but it also means that our meals were amazing and we got to tear at them with nothing but bare hands and the savageness of our teeth. Primitive, and it was fitting.

We made skewers one night and MAN OH MAN were they to die for. I think there was a total of 15 fully-loaded skewers, and between the two of us we ate all of them. Don't judge.

 They were so good that I might have to throw a skewer party soonish. 

I forgot my camera. Right as we got on the freeway, I turned to Dale and moaned despairingly, “Noooooooooo. I forgot my camera!!!” But he wouldn’t turn back. So, ALL of my camping pictures are from my Iphone. Which really bugs, but I had to document our lives somehow.

While camping, we got to listen to Russian people blare Toni Braxton’s “Un Break My Heart” Italian/Russian Opera style. At midnight. So that was fun. I was doing the full body twitch in my sleep trying to keep up with the vibrato.

Fourth and Final 
We met some people. Like cool people. They were leGIT Romanians. From Romania. The first thing they said was, “We’re ROmanian, not ARmenian”. So I said, “Hey, I’M Armenian! We’re practically related!”  I don’t think they liked that, because they so strongly differentiated at the beginning of their sentence. Maybe because Armenians are head-strong and stingy. But, after all, I’m only 1/4 Armenian, so their displeasure didn’t apply to me.

 Long story short...we ended up camping with said legit Romanians. The campsites were so full, people were waiting outside to call dibs on the first people who left. Since we were leaving Saturday, we let one of the families leave a tent on our campsite, which turned into them sleeping in that tent, which turned into sharing S'mores and our campfire with them, which turned into political, religious, and funny conversations. We laughed A LOT. And get this.....They were conservative! It was a miracle. I think they hated Obama as much as we do, and they even supported Prop 8. We had some good chats about the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and how Mormons are strict because we have to go to Mormon school at 5 AM and stuff.

How random, right? 
But we were lonely.
We needed a family to be boisterous with.
And I guess our wish came true.
Thank you, Romanians.

 We went exploring a lot in the woods around our campsite. We found little mushrooms, big mushrooms, huge-o-matic pinecones, and Dale found this cool baseball chess piece. I wish I could convey to you all how excited he was. I think it made his month. It's like his good omen, and he stuck it on the dashboard in his car. That man is in love with all things baseball.

 The lake really was beautiful and clear. The sand was golden and sparkly, so Dale started looking for flecks of gold. Real gold. 

I asked him what he was doing and he rolled his eyes and said,
 "Elyse, I'm looking for gold. We are in gold country after all."
10 minutes later, after giving me a fleck of gold (seen above), he said, 
"My main goal this trip is to find a gold nugget this big."
 and he showed me his fist.
 Dale is now officially a fool for gold, panhandling his little heart away.

Friday we had a whole day to kill, so we decided to go on a hike to a waterfall.
They had some pretty awesome rocks to climb and dance on.

 The sun was bright and it was suuuper hot.

 So we sat on the warm rocks and watched our feet instantly turn blue because of the cold water.

After we got tired of hypothermia, we hiked to the top of the waterfall and looked down.

The waterfall was loud and cold, but a short hike, so it was worth it.

After our hike, we didn't know what to do with the rest of our day.
So we took  pictures.

 Please say you're laughing really hard right now.
TEN FRAMES and Dale's face did not change ONCE.
That right there is a sign that you need a dog, a cat or a baby, because taking pictures of yourself is getting totally and completely lame.

We took a nap, went swimming in the lake,

read some books

And then the Romanians came and spiced up our night.

Anyway, we had a fun time. We both loooove camping, and it was a good way to prepare me for my 30 miler hike/4 day camping/4 day no shower/sleeping under the stars/snakes and spiders in my bed/ girl's camp that's coming up in August.

Oh wait, you're from Utah? You camped in a cabin? You didn't realize it was legal to hike 30 miles at girl's camp? Me either. But apparently it is in California. These girls are tough as nails.

We packed up, left our campsite to the Romanians, and journeyed to Sacramento to find the one and only Costa Vida within miles and days of us. I have missed it so. There was much rejoicing and exceeding happiness when my sweet pork salad was handed to me on a tray.

I ate every bite.

And this....well this is what a weekend of camping will do to you. 
Romanians, hiking, waterfalling, eating and all.


  1. That's a fun adventure! Costa Vida sounds so good right now. Love the dancing on the rock pics.

  2. Your girls camp in California does not sleep in cabins?! I have never heard of californians who did not sleep in cabins for camp! MY cousins from Cali are appalled when I tell them I slept on a cement slab at my girls camp! They are going to be so lucky to have you there! I wish you were my YW leader slash...wish we could be leaders together! That would be epic! :)

  3. Such a fun adventure! I love the man-food and iPhone documentation of it all:-) xoxo

  4. I love the dancing on the rocks pic too. When you have kids, you'll wish you had more pictures of you and Dale. I love all of your iphone pics.

  5. Best pictures ever... specially the ten frames hehe ;)


  6. So I am totally now blog stalking you... Adorable... I will pay you for lessons so my blog {I just started and I suck} can be as cute as yours... I am serious too!! xoxo



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