Nerd geek chic sneak peek.


I was feeling super confident and edgy yesterday.

I have wanted to pull this look for a long time. So I did it.

I bought nerd glasses.
And I wore them in real life.

Then I used them to dress up for the midnight showing of 'Arry Pottah.

Which, in one word, was epic.
Thanks 'Arry.
So what do you think? Nerd chic? Or nerd geek?

And be gentle please. I've wanted to pull these babies off for a long time.

Ps. Dale hates them. But he's a man.


  1. You can totally pull them off..especially there! I say they look very cute!

  2. You look so sexy in those glasses! Haha MODEL? Most definitely YES!! I'm so jealous you can pull cute things off like that!

  3. Ok Elisa, one of my pet peeves is when girls like you WHERE (that's for you!) freakin' nerd glasses and still look good in them. Seriously, what the heck. It's not fair to the rest of us.

  4. The glasses look super awesome on you! Love them!

  5. You and Tanner could be twins, especially that last picture!



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