Airports suck


If getting stuck at the airport because you and your mom got distracted while trying out a new pita place doesn't just suck the patience right out of your day,

Then finding out that the Sweet Tooth Fairy cake bites you bought specifically for your homesickness recovery process got melted in the Las Vegas heat while you and the same mom got distracted while shopping sure will.

But I got these kinda freaky, kinda awesome, Rihanna-inspired cheetah pants. Weird I know. But that same mom mentioned above INSISTED. (I say edgy, you say ugly. Tamato, tahmahto)

Unfortunately, that cool purchase of happiness is getting cancelled out right this second as I sit on standby waiting for a flight while the little girl next to me "la-la-la-la's" her little head off loudly to a random tune while her mother feebly tries to shush her and play angry birds at the same time.

I'm going berserk. Did you catch that?

Some people are worried about being negative on their blog. I don't think I have that problem.


  1. Sophie keeps singing "I'm goin to Jackson". She says she can't get it out of her head because of you. You rock that song.

    Cake bites taste good melted or not. Thanks for the good times and see you in Sept.

  2. So sorry about your cake bites, throw some ice cream on it and I bet they taste great!

    You totally rock the cheetah pants, I totally couldn't!

    Glad you're home.

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  5. Dang, I was just trying to post a picture of myself in those same pants. Did your mom buy some too? I think I would look stunning in those. Hope you got home OK. Good luck at girls' camp. Don't forget your rope!

  6. I hate when I get behind on reading your blog... I want to comment on every single post but I think I will sum it up right here.
    Pet Peeves: You hit the nail on the head with the shopping carts. Drives me crazy! I do the same thing you do and it drives Alden up the wall.
    Nerd Chic vs. Nerd Geek: I'm going with Chic Geek. Thanks for the fun night btw, you can third wheel with us anytime.
    The great awakening: Thanks for the shout out to my hubby. Those really were great words of wisdom huh. Oh we have SO MUCH TO LEARN. Glad I have you as a friend to keep me on the straight and narrow.
    Ok this is getting really long so I am just going to wrap it up and say, glad you are back and I LOVE the cheetah pants, yes I do. rawr!

  7. Now Ive never been a big "fan" of cheetah print, but those pants are incredible! Just saying. ;]

  8. soo randomly I found your blog from a friends blog because because I went to school with your hubs. and i have to let you know that I loved your blog. I love that it's not one of those ordinary blogs that blab on about their family and kids (yep...I'm one of them and proud of it) but it has provided me with great entertainment and I can relate quite a bit to all you write about. especially the airport one...being married to a pilot and all. it is nice getting to know you! in a weird sort of way...



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