the great awakening.


I may have mentioned that when I went to Harry Potter the other day, I didn't go with my husband. I didn't go by myself either. No, no, I crashed that make out party that my friend and her husband would have had by rocking the 3rd wheel status that I so often un-rocked in high school.

Yes, I did.
But that's not the point.

I was chatting with this friend's hubby. We were relating all our latest shennanigans from a young women mini conference and my swearing habits, to all things scandalous that have happened to me lately.
Church Mini Conference truths

Bu this hubby said something that really knocked my socks off.

"Wow, you guys are probably getting more temptation now than you did in high school!"


I had never thought about it that way before. But in high school, I hung out with a pretty good group of kids. My sophomore year was a little iffy...I think I may have bought (and hid) my first thong (GASP!) (TMI?), I think I started listening to the Ying-Yang Twins and Chingy, I may have started the bad habit of ditching seminary sometimes, and I think I may have ran from the cops a couple times (but only under the influence of older boys), but really, nothing hard core. Never got asked to smoke, do drugs or drink. I didn't watch rated R movies or swear. I didn't cheat in school, and I didn't date or kiss a boy until after I was 16.

I never have really been faced with serious temptations in my life. I had made the choice beforehand that I would never do those things, but the opportunity to say no and shut those homos down just never came up, so how would I know I COULD say no when the time came?

Now I'm 22, graduated from college, and have been married for two years. WAAAY past the juvenile temptation stage, wouldn't you agree?

Isn't he seeexy?
Not so fast.
Check out THIS hardcore list of things I have been asked to do by randoms here in Cali:

-"Hey, let's go smoke some Hookah after work today! It's not illegal!"
-"I really don't want to be the one to break your non-coffee drinking habit, but you should really try this coffee sometime. You'll love it.:
-"You believe in God?"
-"You're Mormon? So, what, you have a sister wife? You hate gay people, AND you can't eat chocolate?"
-F*%# this F@#$ that, S$#% this and G%*D*^(# that.
-Guys asking to buy me lunch or for my number. Oh your married? So what?
-"Those smokes in the drawer are for you if you ever need a break."
-"If you won't work on Sunday, we'll have to cut your hours a little bit."
-"HOW OLD were you when you got married?"
-"You want kids right now? Wait ten years at least. You need a career."
-Peer pressure is still alive and well late at night. Even when you're a church leader.

blah blah blah. 
Story of my life out here. After said friendhubby made that temptation comment, I started listing out the ways that my faith, my beliefs and my values have really been tried and tested since I've moved here. I have never had the chance to say no, to stand up for what I believe is right, and to explain misconceptions that others may have about me, my lifestyle or my religion. Utah is just really different, or I was just sheltered. Either way, it has been a learning experience for me. I have had those temptations. I have had the chance to say no. And I definitely have had some super awesome opportunities to explain who I am and what I believe.

I have to say, it hasn't been hard for me to say no to all of the temptations that have come my way. It's not a hard decision, I don't even blink an eyelash or skip a beat in my answer. I firmly believe that because of the standards I chose to live by and the choice I made beforehand to just say no, has made it easy for me to quickly state what I truly believe. 

I'm not trying to toot my own horn and go all Elyse is Holier than Thou on you all, but I have just now, at 22 years of age, seen the results of choices made when I was 12 years old when they didn't seem like a big deal or even possible at all. I just thought I could share that great awakening with you all.

The wonderful church youth leaders I get to work with

Life is weird isn't it? 

I realize this post wasn't written well and is a little weird with random pictures stuck here and there. Take into consideration that it's 10:45, Dale just left me for two weeks for work, and I still have to pack for my week in Utah starting tomorrow morning, which encompasses a bridal shower, a family reunion, and some awesome R&R with mi familia and yours truly.


  1. Go Elyse!! That's a pretty long list of crazy stuff!! Your YW retreat looked like fun--all of the leaders are so young!

  2. I think you should come teach my next YW lesson.

  3. That is great you get to tell people about the church...You definitely don't get much of that in old Utah (cedar). Haha but random side look like a TWIG! A good looking twig mind you but you are so skinny! :) Are you even eating over there?! jk I wish I could see ya in cedar friend!

  4. Stumbled on your blog from Kendra's today and I'm loving it. I love what you said about 12-year-old choices that really did make a difference. So true!
    p.s. you look beautiful!



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