Hawaii: a month later


I guess it happened.

A month passed before I got to blogging about the best 10 days of my life, 
just like I knew it would.

So hold on to your hats, kids.
Picture overload comin' atchya
The first day we got there, we rented a sweet blue STANG and drove down the coast to our beach house.
 Which I didn't get any pictures of. 
I took a classic video. We were kissing in it. 
Don't watch it if that makes you squeamish.
I do this for my own sake.

 Anyway, we went to my favorite beach, which quickly became Dale's favorite beach 
(Keikie's beach, just in case you wanted to know).

 We went to Haleiwa town multiple times.

 We watched some seriously B-E-A-UTIFUL sunsets on the beach.

 We asked a guy with a really big camera to take our picture. He was so professional he didn't know how to work my little point and shoot. Neither did I, so that was fun.

 The day we went to do a session at the temple, it was raining so hard (actually it had been raining in Laie the whole entire time we were there). We didn't have a rental car for the majority of the time, so we were waiting at the bus stop to get to there. Dale was standing out there in his white shirt and tie, and some people stopped. Turns out they were Mormon and could tell Dale was Mormon because of his attire. So we hitched a ride to the temple. I love nice people.

We spent most of our time at Sunset Beach. The waves were huge there most of the time, so Dale really could not get enough of getting smashed into the sand over and over.

 I can't count how many times we ate at Ted's Bakery (ok, maybe just 3), how many quick trips we took to Haleiwa town to eat food, how many crazy people we saw on the bus, and how many hours we spent at the beach.
 One night, Dale told me he had a surprise for me the next morning. So when I woke up, he brought me this HUGE bouquet of native flowers. Little secret: he didn't pay for one bud or one blade of grass. Pretty sure he woke up extra early to steal from the neighbors' gardens and make me a bouquet. 

Is he crazy or what? Also, he's kinda cute. He must have been sucking up for something.
We were in Hawaii after all.

 We went to Waimea Rock and jumped a couple times. Jumping off that rock about gives you an enema, but whatever. You gotta do it so you can say you did. You look like a total wimp if you don't.

We took a day and went to the Polynesian Cultural Center. I was really excited to go because Dale had obviously never been and I wanted to show him where I used to work. 
 It really was fun, and to add to the excitement, I saw my old boss. He even remembered me and then he kissed my cheek. What a funny guy.

 I made Dale take me to the luau because I never got to go while I was working there. I always had to be to work early, so I never got a chance to go. Lame.

 We ate a lot of food, met some Indian people who were super nice, and took lots of pictures.

My old stomping grounds. 
I totally used to work on that stage. The show has totally changed, but I made Dale act impressed that I performed in front of that many people.

 A lot of nights, we would head into North Shore via bus late at night, and get off wherever we fancied. This night we had eaten at a Thai food place, and we had a whole HOUR to wait for the bus. We got super bored.

 We checked out Matsumoto's Shave Ice on the day we got LOST

 There were huge turtles on the beaches of LOST too. They weren't too interesting because they didn't move and they really stunk, but Dale said that was one of his favorite parts. Not hard to please this guy.

 Our last day at the beach, we had to do the classic-ly corny kissy pictures and initial pictures to wrap up our trip. I think Dale even made me do a Sports Illustrated shoot too, but I'll spare you.

 Then we posed by some graffiti and called it a day.
The day we left, we went to the Swap Meet to get lots of Hawaiian souvenirs from China, and literally 10 minutes away from our rental car drop off, Dale gets pulled over because of speeding and we get a whopping 200 dollar ticket. If getting a ticket while leaving your Hawaiian vacation doesn't say YOUR LIFE SUCKS NOW, I don't know what does.

You guys are getting so sick of my love affair with LOST and Hawaii, I know. Can you tell we had the time of our lives? I have to say, we had this vacation coming. We earned it....or something. That's kinda become our mantra now that we are poor as dirt. I'll just keep telling myself that we earned it. And that we'll never get to do it again. And that kids would just ruin it. blah blah blah. 

All I'm saying is it was worth it. 
Now Dale wants to move there. 
Double bonus.


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