Hawaii: the iphone gallery edition


I'm one of those people who sucks at taking good pictures.
My Iphone is like an answer to my prayer.

Because of my Iphone, I can give the transparent illusion that I can take decent photos and edit them too.

I know there are those of you who get really annoyed at wannabe bloggers whose blog is full of overly-edited Iphone pics. 

Too bad. 
When I get money, I'll buy a really big camera and take a class or something. 
But until then, I will probably be addicted to my photo apps. 

 My coconut pancakes from Hukilua cafe were SO good.

3 words: Sun. And. Jin. 

 Rub the belly.

 Snorkeling at Shark's Cove

Lean like a Cholo. At Cholo's. 

Did I mention I got a really awesome bladder infection there? Those hurt.

 I wish Dale was a real Polynesian with a real tattoo on his really big bicep.

 I was so sick of thong swimsuits I could about gag. Dale on the other hand didn't complain that much. Actually he complained too much...Which brings to my mind a little William Shakespeare..."Me thinks he doth protest too much..."

We've reached the end of Hawaii posts.
Don't all cheer at once.

PS. I can't wait to tell you all about the 2 days we spent camping this last weekend with some legit Romanians that we didn't know, and all the bug bites we acquired.
Now go have a BBQ.


  1. Goodness.... these make me miss the islands. I need to some how convince my hubby to move to Kauai because my body is seriously rejecting our move to Utah

  2. Bladder infections SUCK huh?!? Well looks like you guys had a blast! Miss you!
    PS I'm going to be home the end of July :)



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