Winner, Winner, Sheen Dinner



I've gotta say, I'm one of the world's biggest losers.

And not becuase I'm an awkward L-7. I just never win anything.

To date, the last thing I won was a coloring contest of Pocohantas and Meiko in first grade. I got to take a ride in a police car, and he took me to a gas station to get my favorite treat (which was gum tape- awesome stuff), and then took me home. I still have the picture framed in my room as part of a shrine, complete with incense. That's how much I love winning.

So you can imagine the dismay that has been my life these 16 years of never winning. It's pretty much crippled me, and I have become {gasp} a non-competitive, rational person. Sickening really.

So if you can, imagine me winning. Like winning big. Like winning what I asked Mr. Leprechaun for on St. Patrick's day this year. That's right kids. An Instax Mini. From Busybeelauren to be exact.

Do you read BusyBeeLauren? Because you should. She says things like awesomespice and is in love with Zach Efron. Also, she has the best style ever. And she was doing a giveaway, and I put my name in and commented, just like I always do (and never win, remember). But I did, by some freaking awesome miracle. I like to think she hand picked me because I was brown-nosing in my comment. Who uses random generators these days anyway?
She linked to my blog on her blog, so if you are a new reader courtesy of BBL, ALOOOHA! 
Hope you likey. I love hearing from you! So tell me who you are :)

I can't wait to explore my new camera. You guys are gonna get sick of polaroids. 

Speaking of pictures and the Devil, here are a few from our ongoing lover's getaway to O to the Ahu.

1.We still have like, a week.
2.We are both sunburned to the max. Makes babymooning a little bit impossible, IF you know what I mean.
3.I was just kidding about a babymoon.
4.We are doing a LOST stint, which will include us driving to all of the filming locations of Lost and taking an insane amount of pictures. And a little bit of kissing the sand that Jack walked on. Be excited.
5.I love this place.


  1. I did find your blog from the winner's page :) Congrats on it!! I hope you have fun with your new camera!!

  2. About the last pic...are you on a nude beach!? The girl behind you looks like she is rockin the birthday suit! Ha ha Well my friend you keep on having fun on your romantic getaway! :)

  3. You two are so adorable, and I always love reading your blog, so I was so happy you won! YAAAAY!

    PS...I never win ANYTHING. I have the worst luck :(

  4. I'm pretty unlucky myself. Sunshine look soooo nice!

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