vetts and vertigo on a saturday


We went to a car expo on Saturday.

Actually, we were originally going to the Wells Fargo ATM, but then we saw all of these really awesome cars parked on the downtown lawn. And we HAD to check it out.

They were all spiffied up. Dale was in car heaven. He thinks that someday, he'll be so rich that he'll have a "Sunday car" that he drives his family to church in. And he thinks that it will be an old Corvette Stingray.

That's my reflection in a car hood. For some reason it reminded me of Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Because, DANG, these cars were in mint condition. And if my parents had a car like that, I would have ruined it on accident like Bueller did. And that's a hilarious movie, if I do say so myself.

His "Sunday Car".  I will probably refer to it as, "We're rich and you know it" car.

But hey, if we're gonna be that rich, I may as well just have a "Monday Car" of my own. And this one was my favorite. Overlook the puffy, squinty, no make up look. I have sunken Armenian eyes.

Then we headed to 6 Flags with some new friends who just moved here from our own dear So. Utah.

I maxed out at two roller coaster rides and after stuffing myself of overpriced pizza that was disgusting, I figured I better sit a couple out so there wasn't a rehash of that scene on The Sandlot. You know, when they all barf?

What a wild day that was.

So...I swear that I AM blogging about Hawaii tomorrow. I swear it. Even if I only cover our LOST filming sights day. Because Jeez Louise it was epic.

Speaking of LOST, I had the coolest dream about LOST, pirate style last night. Like, John Locke was swinging on masts and Jack was doing the dirty undercover work, and Kate was the like a pirate hooker or something. It was also epic.


  1. I think you should pursue therapy about those dreams of yours!

  2. Your dream sounds a lot more interesting than the LOST related dream I had recently! ;)

    Can't wait to hear about your LOST adventures in Hawaii!



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