Say 'banyan': it makes you automatically sound African


I could tell you that I have been bursting at the seams to blog about Hawaii.
But really.
Not so much.

It's a little on the overwhelming side, I started a new job today, I've hit the Monday doldrums at 10 PM (which is a good indicator that it will roll over to Tuesday), and I ate leftovers for dinner. Screw blogging. I'm tired. Actually my hilariously witty brain has left me stranded without hilariously witty thoughts, which is rare. So I'm sparing you all, and showing you the best part of our vacation.

And in my mind, It was the best part of the vacation.
I cannot WAIT until my brain wakes up and I can tell you all about the most surreal experience of my life.
And what the smoke monster sounds like in real life.

Please enjoy this professional video that doesn't turn sideways at any point and is mostly a shot of tree trunks that Jack probably brushed against and Kate probably hugged (and that I most definitely kissed).

It's my favorite shot of the trip.
Here's to getting out of the doldrums.


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