Hawaii: the day we got LOST


Yes, I am about to unveil the day we got LOST.

There are probably lots of words that I could use to describe it, 
but then I'd have to get out my thethauruths.

It was:
freaking awesome.
freaking awesome.

We first went to Turtle Bay, where the banyan trees are.

The banyan trees were so so so cool. My 2nd favorite spot, by far. 

I'm about to paint you a picture:
This is my ultimate LOSTie moment, and I'm almost embarrassed to share it.
I had the first two episodes of LOST on my Iphone. 
Those two episodes are where a lot of the banyan tree stuff happens.
So we got in a banyan tree.
I turned on my Iphone.
And we watched Charlie trip over a root.
And Kate hide in the tree (the same tree we were in)
And then we watched Kate yell for Jack.
And then count to 5.

Can you just picture it? Dale and I, huddled together over my Iphone, watching Lost, on a Lost day, at a Lost filming location, in total silence, all alone.

I'm telling you guys, it was freaky. When it was over, I turned off the sound,
we looked at each other, then looked up.
And we heard a faint clicking sound surround us.
If I wasn't a totally rational person, I could have sworn we were transported to the world where LOST is a real thing, and the smoke monster could tear you apart. 

We booked it out of the banyan tree, pronto.

Sawyer got nice and sweaty while he was being tortured by nice and muscle-y Sayid.

And where Kate was hiding from the smoke monster, counting to 5.

And where Walt was almost killed by the polar bear until he was saved by the banyan tree.

and where that freaky guy hung Charlie because he was just trying to save his beloved Claire.

We went to the Byodo-in Temple....you know...where Sun & Jin got married?

My favorite part?
"The Others" barracks.
Holy cow, it was so weird.

Do you recognize this place? Where the recruited Dharma folk check in?

We were posing by Ben's house.

Funny story: There were kids at this camp while we were taking pictures. 
we were looking around at the houses, and I hear this camp leader guy whisper to all his camp boys "hey guys, check out these Lost fans" with a really "they are so lame" vibe in his voice.

So I looked at him and said "Ya, we are total LOST-ies. How could you tell?"
Then I proceeded to talk to these 8-10 year old boys and tell them that they were actually sitting on the porch that Kate lived in. And then they were total LOST-ies too.

I'm so serious when I say that it was my favorite part of the trip.

Later that day, we went to a couple different beaches. One was the original crash site of Oceanic 815. The plane wreckage used to be there, and a lot of the first season was filmed there until word got out.

After Lost was famous, the beach got crowded, so they moved to a private beach, and that's where they filmed the rest of the show's beach camp.
 This panorama is where all the shelters were set up in the show.

 and now I'll let the pictures do the talking.


Sweet side note: see all that bamboo that Charlie was using to build something? Then see the one stick between trees in our picture? Behind that stick in the tall grass, we found huge bundles of bamboo. 
Oh yeah. Same bamboo. You'll be surprised to hear that I didn't nab some for a souvenir. 

It was really cool to go to the actual beach. We recognized a lot of the places that were filmed, so we just talked about all the cool parts of the episodes that happened right under our feet. 

On the way home, we snapped a picture of the renovated shrimp truck that Sawyer hunts down his namesake.

And Yemi's church, where drug deals go down and Mr. Eko was a priest.

Geez Louise, how did you like that overload? Do you have goosebumps?
I do.

So what word you use to describe this experience?
Or freaking awesome?

I know the answer to that question.
And I agree.


  1. Sweet! I want to go there now. So jealous.

  2. I'm so jealous right now. That is all I can say,

  3. Lucky girl!
    I am quite envious of you!
    Great photos!
    Sounds like you had so much fun!

    Have you heard that the guy who played Horace just married a 16 year old girl? Eww!

  4. you're pretty much the coolest person i know.

  5. I'm starting to worry about your reality



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