haters gon' hate


I feel honored to have recieved my first really stupid comment. It was on Pinterest.

If there's one thing this move has done for me, it's that I have become more brazen, less agreeable, and quite the free spirit. I really could not care less about what people think about me anymore. And trust me, that's a change.

So up until now, no one has dared tell me that they think my blog is stupid, or I talk about LOST too much, or that my ideas really aren't that kosher.

Moving on.

You know Pinterest?
Remember how I'm a little addicted?

Well just to make it a little more interesting lately, I made a Pinterest board labeled "stuff i hate". Because I see a LOT of things on there that I think are absolutely ridiculous, and I honestly hate.

For example:

I hate Kristin Stewart and Ugly Edward (the movie).

I also hate these stupid "Keep Calm" signs that are everywhere.
uh. Kill me.

And another thing I hate are granola-looking, ridiculous baby carriers. So I posted a picture.
I labeled it "crazy granola baby carriers"
I got a comment from some random girl.

hater girl: why troll the internet for stuff you hate then pin in a board labled "stuff I hate"???
Elyse Beard: Oh Kate...because I can. I like to focus on the negative.

Great. Now I look immature.
Did I really just participate in an internet squall? What is happening to my self-restraint?

Naturally I looked up her profile. I then realized my mistake when I saw she had a whole board dedicated to baby carriers (which were all granola-looking, PS), as well as a board dedicated to pictures of breastfeeding mothers.

I was THIS CLOSE to asking her, "why troll the internet for pictures of breastfeeding and label it "breastfeeding"?"

But I didn't.
My self-restraint is not that far gone.
And haters gon' hate.

Ps. If anyone was offended in the making of this post, sorry.
And if you are sick of me talking about LOST, you picked the wrong blog to follow.


  1. I loved your 'things I hate' category. Made me laugh. That's why I like you, you make me laugh.

  2. Something about that baby carrier frightens me. It's like that baby is looking out from the womb... creepy. Keep on hating, Elyse. I like it!

  3. The picture is like that Halloween costume with the fake head on top. The little face poking out is the one attached to the body. Looks real, though.

  4. Ha! I totally saw that comment on your board and had to re-read a couple times it because I couldn't believe some random person would just start talking trash. That's the first Pinterest hating I've seen. Personally I thought your board was hilarious.

    "Don't let the hatas keep you from doing your thang." Name the movie.

  5. I think your haters board is my favorite and now I find myself saying yup that'd be on my hate board when I see ridiculous kids crafts. Keep hating cause I'm loving it. =)

  6. How come I never knew this Elyse? Your blog kills me and I agree with the comment above...I love you more every day! And I never even freakin see you. Lame. Much love your way!



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