In my opinion, good dads are a hard thing to come by.
(How's that for a Debbie Downer moment? 
But this blog is all about being honest, so I'll do what I want)

It's weird for me to see daddies and their girls close, sharing secrets, playing together, and being best friends.

And it's hard for me to imagine my girls being best friends with their dad.
Totally blows my mind. Impossible. It just can't be. I hate that.

I wish it wasn't like that for me, but some people just ruin good relationships for you, ya know?


I have an awesome, amazing step dad who has filled the position of dad for me. 
If you know Brian, he's a wonderful guy.

He's caring and hardworking. He's friendly and loyal. He is one of the most hilarious people I know, and he is sweet. He's good to my mom. He's such a good grandpa. He's a cowboy. He is an unbelievably strong priesthood holder, and such an honest and wonderful man. I look up to him a lot. He's held our family together through extremely hard times. He has dealt with unbelievable hard and unfair things, and has kept his cool through all of them, always being the bigger person. He has changed a lot of perceptions that I have had of men in my life, and I firmly believe that he helped me learn what a good man is, how to find one, and how he should treat me. Brian is one of the most gentlemanly, chivalrous men I know. He treats my mother like a princess, and treats me, my sister, and my SIL like we are the most prized women in the world. It's kind of amazing to know a person like that. 

And I'm lucky enough to call him my dad. I think that it was a little too late and too rocky in my family for me to be best friends with Brian in the traditional way. I see little girls love on their daddies at church, and I see girls my age be closer to their dads than their moms, and I'm jealous. I really am. But Brian and I have a special relationship, and I tear up just thinking about how good he is to us. 

He is my dad. I'm lucky he's ours. 
I'm glad that he can be Dale's role model.
I'm so happy he will be my kidlets' grandpa.
And man do I love him.

Happy Father's Day! I love you mucho.
What a wonderful holiday to remember the amazing men in our life.

I know that Dale is gonna kill that part of his life when it comes time. He will be an amazing dad. It probably will be the sexiest thing ever. And I can't wait to see it.


  1. That made me tear up too! You were blessed to get such a great dad!

  2. Very nice tribute elyse. I'm glad he had a good impact on you. Sorry I screwed up the first time. I had an amazing dad growing up. I used to love to sit on his lap and rock when I was little and I always new he would rub my legs at night when they ached.



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